It was ridiculed! What Drew Dober predicted before he was subdued by Islam Makhachev

It was ridiculed!  What Drew Dober predicted before he was subdued by Islam Makhachev

Saturday night at UFC 259, Islam Makhachev subjected to Drew dober, who had secured a knockout. With immense submission over his rival, the Dagestani followed the training that his cousin, Khabib Nurmagomedov, gave him so long. Now, the Lightweights fear for the power and legacy of the Russians in the division. Anyway, the loser’s words in the preview did not go unnoticed.

Being so, Dober he had dictated, “That’s why I love this confrontation. There is so much hype around this fighter in Islam, I want to test that hype, show my skills and just show everyone that I am willing to fight champions in my division. In my honest opinion, anyone who feels my hands wants to bring me down. I am prepared so that everyone who faces me wants to dive in and turn my back.

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“But Islam He hasn’t fought in over a year and a half. Who knows. I’ve been working on my ground game, he’s probably been working on his shot. He could come in and try kickboxing with me. I focus less on predicting my opponent and more on improving my ability to handle anything. Once he gets in there, I’m going to see what he wants to do in the first round. Once I realize that, I will make your life uncomfortable, “he said.

It was just words

Likewise, Drew He also recounted: «He is going to shoot for the demolition. He’s going to take the fight where he feels comfortable and my goal is to make him uncomfortable and see how he reacts to that. In my humble opinion, he hasn’t fought the guys Khabib fought with and I still wonder if he’s capable of handling that shooting, his durability, his drive. He’s fought a lot of fighters, really tough fighters, but I don’t think he’s fought a really tough stand-up fighter or someone as complete as me. “

“I’m going to see in his eyes how uncomfortable or if he gets uncomfortable and how these second and third rounds are going to make a difference. I promise I will touch the chin of Islam and it is up to him which round he falls into. My last loss against Beneil Dariush, I had a spectacular first round. If there was a third round, I would have finished that fight, but I made some grip errors in that second round. Drew dober, who could not fulfill his words.

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