Muhammad Ali and Joe Frazier: A Sung Rivalry

Muhammad Ali y Joe Frazier: Una rivalidad cantada

Boxers Muhammad Ali Y Joe frazier remained in the history of sports, after starring in an electrifying rivalry and trilogy that began 50 years ago with the Fight of the Century on March 8, 1971 at the Madison Square Garden.

That time, the sport united them above the ring. Although it is true that Frazier took the victory in that first fight, the historical rivalry took them to other battlefields, like music.

They both loved to sing, they recorded songs, one fought for him GrammyAnother had his band, so here we leave you his musical experiences.

Muhammad Ali’s record that was nominated for a Grammy

The recording I am the greatest is an album of spoken verses that he made Cassius Clay, and was released in August 1963, before it won the world heavyweight championship and changed its name to Muhammad Ali.

It was released by CBS Columbia and the album has been identified as an early example of rap music and a forerunner of hip hop music and each composition was divided by rounds.

On this album, the boxer also performed the version of the mythical song Stand by me popularized by Ben E. King a few years earlier.

I am the greatest was nominated for the award Grammy for best comedy performance at the sixth annual awards in 1964, but unfortunately did not win.

Muhammad Ali singing with Sam Cooke

Sam cooke was one of the greatest singers of all time, he is considered the “King of Soul”. He participated largely in the Civil Rights Movement and there the friendship with Muhammad Ali.

Both men were passionate about the movement, and that shared passion only grew their bond, until one day they both sang together for a television show.

Starred in a Broadway musical

During his 43-month forced exile from the ring, Ali took the stage in the lead role of the musical “Buck White”. The production premiered inside the George Abbott Theater of New York on December 2, 1969, but his theatrical career would be short. And it is that the work closed after only seven functions. In this play, the boxer played a militant black lecturer.

But before they cut the play, Ali went to the show Ed sullivan and singing “We Came in Chains” that was part of the musical.

Muhammad Ali Singing with Diana Ross

In what appears to be an awards show, the singer from Michigan, U.S, and who owns a record Guinness as the most successful female artist of all time due to her 18 number one songs, she took the audacity that when she was singing she went to the table where she was Ali and made him sing a little, even though the boxer didn’t want to.

Joe and the music

After the first victory of Frazier on Ali In the historic rivalry, some of the songs he performed in 1969 were reissued, so the new version of “My Way” of Frank Sinatra and a version of “Knock on Wood” of Eddie floyd they were re-emerged with great success.

Joe Frazier and his band

Joe frazier had made some nightclub engagements in the seventies with his band The Knockouts. In the June 26, 1971 issue of Billboard it was published that the boxer’s singing phase was not being successful as he imagined: “Joe frazier, world heavyweight boxing champion, opened a two-day engagement on June 1 at the Monumental Cinema of Madrid. Attendance at both shows was poor, ”the publication said.

Sing the hymn in Ali’s fight

In the second fight between Leon spinks against Muhammad Ali, the rivalry was a bit sidelined, and Joe frazier sang the national anthem of the U.S.

The fight took place in the Louisiana Superdome, Y Ali regained the WBA heavyweight title and avenged his split decision loss to Spinks seven months before. He also became the first man to win the world heavyweight championship three times.

Make commercial singing

The boxer also took time to shoot many commercials for television, but one in particular he liked doing a lot and it was in 1977 when he made a commercial for beer Miller Lite, here the fighter showed his great singing skills.

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