What happened? Holly Holm will have to undergo surgery after a serious health problem

What happened?  Holly Holm will have to undergo surgery after a serious health problem

Holly holm, extraordinary American fighter from UFC, gave a statement that scared many. The former contender and aspiring to the title will have to undergo surgery, after a health problem that she has always had. This was diagnosed with hydronephrosis, an inflammation in the kidneys that occurs when urine is not drained properly from the kidney. That being the case, it was confirmed that his fight with Julianna Peña was ruled out, taking into account the recovery times.

In this way, Holm He left a message on social media for his fans. There, he explained what is happening to him and tried to reassure those who worried. «Hydronephrosis-what ?! Much love to all who approach with care and concern. Turns out I have hydronephrosis. In my case it is something with which they say that I was born but that I had not had any problem until now, “he dictated at first.

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I’m fine and I’ll be fine. A little bump in the road, but luckily it can be fixed. I hope I have to postpone just a few weeks from the original date of May 8 to fight. I am excited to go back there and put everything on the line for you !!! “He also added to his words, making it clear that he wants to return to the UFC cage as soon as possible.

His illusion for the title

Weeks ago, Holly he dictated, “It was one of those things where I really didn’t know when I was going to fight again. We were waiting for answers from Germaine. She said no. Then Peña said no. From what I understand, he said he just wanted a title fight. Then a lot of the other girls were scheduled or had just fought and I thought, ‘I don’t know who I’m going to fight or when. But I really didn’t know. Then, indeed, boom, Peña took the fight and we were ready for rock and roll.

“What makes it even more difficult is that Amanda fights in two different weight classes. I want to show that I deserve to be there for the belt. I want to fight the best girls, because to be the best you have to beat the best. I’m not always looking forward to the title fight. I want to fight to get there. That is the whole goal. Otherwise what am I doing this for? I don’t do this just for the paycheck. I do it with a purpose, because I want to be the best in the world “, closed Holly holm.

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