You’re right? Israel Adesanya commented on the scores in his crossing with Jan Blachowicz

You're right?  Israel Adesanya commented on the scores in his crossing with Jan Blachowicz

Finally, Jan Blachowicz he retained his belt before Israel Adesanya, getting the first defeat for him. UFC 259 was the most anticipated event of the year, for its three titles at stake. For this reason, when the moment of truth arrived, in the star, the Pole was very intelligent and defeated the toughest opponent. Although he fell in the first two rounds, he then used his physique to dominate the Nigerian against the canvas and thus stay with the win.

Understanding the above, Adesanya He highlighted how he lived the last minutes of the fight against the Pole: “When I heard it was the fourth round, I said, ‘Oh shit, I thought it was the third.’ I was having fun there, I was so lucid. I felt like I was smiling a little, I was smiling about certain things when I knew I had it. He wasn’t scoring the fight, he was just trying to score points.

A shame: Israel Adesanya, among those who will be out for a long time due to the medical suspensions of UFC 259

“I wasn’t trying to knock him out, get him out, but I was trying to score points and just touch him, just keep touching him, because believe me, I can leave this guy. I’ve done it before and will do it again. I can leave these guys. I wasn’t scoring, so I don’t really know what it was, but I’m telling you, some of those judges, I mean, at least they need to train, ”the Nigerian also reported.

The scores, the controversy

At the same time, Israel He mentioned, “There needs to be some kind of criteria before you start judging MMA, and not just get some guys from boxing, like, ‘Oh, look at this MMA fighting judge.’ At least you have to get down to work. That is smart. Let’s do that then. Fuck it. Why don’t we do it? That seems really smart. I like the fact that we now have instant replay. ‘

I don’t know why that took so long too. I’m sure they have a group chat where everyone can just text each other. I think it’s a really smart idea. Yes do it. That way, if my corner wants to tell me, ‘Hey, we need this round.’ Because I saw him get tired. Believe me, he was fresh, he was getting tired and size played a factor in the fifth round. Israel Adesanya.

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