Internal problems? The controversial words of Israel coach Adesanya

Internal problems?  The controversial words of Israel coach Adesanya

After losing for the first time to Jan Blachowicz, the coach of Israel Adesanya broke the silence. Eugene Bareman Nothing was saved hours ago, where he took the opportunity to give his opinion on what happened in the star of UFC 259. Losing the undefeated was no small thing, although the magnitude of what happened somewhat covered the facts. Therefore, the coach of the Middleweight champion provided his analysis.

In that sense, Bareman He remarked, “We have learned shit, to be honest. We learned shit. There is not much I want to talk about, what we have learned, I always want to maintain the advantage that we have over others, I do not want to talk too much about what we have learned. But let me tell you that as much as when you are winning you try to learn as much as if you were in a situation where you lost, that is never the case.

A shame: Israel Adesanya, among those who will be out for a long time due to the medical suspensions of UFC 259

“Just one loss can bring a certain amount of attention to detail, a certain amount of enthusiasm, a certain amount of excitement to go back in and fix some of the areas and, in a way, modify some things and rethink some things. And we are excited about this loss, because we know its power. We know that if we can capture the power of loss, we can really take things to another level, because we have done it many times before, “he explained.

Did not understand the fight

At the same time, Eugene He argued, ‘What we didn’t expect was for Jan to be so distant. We thought he would be a lot more aggressive and we really put a lot of emphasis on our training to get him to get ahead and rush us a lot. When he stood there and took a lot of poses with Israel, we really weren’t expecting that, but we were prepared for it. But I think that made the fight a little closer than we expected.

“I think Israel performed well. Did you do the best you could? No. But did it perform terribly? No. He just had a really good opponent in front of him and a really good team that had a good strategy and had the right answers. Israel did not perform terribly. A lot of it has to do with his opponent, really. So I’m not going to try to take any credit from Jan. He did very well there, “he concluded. Eugene Bareman.

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