Laporta shuffles his options to achieve the complicated signing of Erling Haaland for Barcelona

Laporta shuffles his options to achieve the complicated signing of Erling Haaland for Barcelona

BARCELONA – Joan Laporta won the elections to the Barcelona presidency last Sunday, he made his virtual debut accompanying Ronald Koeman’s team to Paris and began to shape the club he wants in the immediate future, where his first great objective is to sign Erling Haaland.

Focused on the interest in solving the critical economic situation that is suffered at the Camp Nou, the new president does not neglect the sporting aspect.

And if he already understood the need to “retouch the squad”, as he stated during the electoral campaign, once in command, direct collaborators of his team confirmed to ESPN, he intends to take the rest … As far as his possibilities reach.

Those tweaks shouldn’t be many, but there is one name that stands out above all: Erling Haaland.

And if, before the elections, Laporta warned that Barça should be “in a position to sign what is necessary”, once at the helm of the Barça ship, he understands that the signing of the Norwegian footballer would be a major hit, similar to the one in his day He personalized Ronaldinho, who would relaunch the team and the club in all aspects.

“You have to know the exact situation of the club in every way,” explained a person from his candidacy, recalling that Barça’s moment is not so different from the one Laporta encountered in 2003 but now, with almost three months ahead until the end of the season, “there is more time to change things.”

The new president, who is expected to take command of the club next Tuesday, carried out many duties during the campaign. He signed Ferran Reverter as the new CEO, recruited Mateu Alemany to be the football director, where he will work in collaboration with Jordi Cruyff, and although he did not want, for obvious reasons, to maintain any contact with Ronald Koeman, he was interested in the spirit of the squad and spoke with some heavyweights from the dressing room, who conveyed the, in his opinion, the needs of the team.

Channel Esport 3 revealed on Wednesday that Laporta’s main objective is to sign Haaland and that despite the enormous difficulty of achieving it, it does not close any doors. The Norwegian striker has an agreement with Borussia Dortmund whereby he could leave the club for 75 million euros … As of June 2022, advancing his incorporation one year would be understood as impossible, unless his club was forced, for financial reasons, to agree to advance that scenario one year.

What would that scenario be? Hans-Joachim Watzke, president of Borussia, accepted a few months ago that if the team is left out of the Champions League “we will have to sell our silverware” in a clear reference to Haaland or Jadon Sancho, the two great future stars of his team . And seeing the current situation in the Bundesliga, sixth in the standings four points behind fourth place, it is not a chimera to think that this could happen. He would only enter the Champions League next season, winning the title in the current one, in which he is currently classified for the quarterfinals.

For Barça, however, the operation would go above 100 million euros taking into account the large commissions to be distributed between Haaland’s father and his representative, Mino Raiola, who already made cash with his pass from Salzburg to Borussia .

There Laporta considers the good relationship he has with Raiola to be an asset in his favor, which began with the signing of Zlatan Ibrahimovic in 2009 and brought the representative a profit of close to eight million euros and has been maintained over the years . In the summer of 2015, without going any further, Raiola proclaimed that the signing of Paul Pogba by Barça “will be very possible if Laporta wins the elections”, leaving behind a trip by Albert Soler (from Bartomeu’s candidacy) to Turin to talk to Juventus.

The arrival of Haaland is considered a major challenge not only due to the delicate financial situation of the club to face the signing, but, in addition to the presence of other major clubs interested in the player (with Real Madrid in the foreground), due to the The need to reduce the salary mass of the workforce and that is where the task, not easy, of releasing several players who would not be counted in the new sports project comes in.

The names of Philippe Coutinho, Samuel Umtiti, Neto or Junior Firpo come to the stage in an obvious way … Although they might not be the only ones in the revolution that the new Barça leadership raises, ready to make an absolute effort to add to what is considered differential footballer in the coming years.

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