Marcelo Gallardo, prior to the Superclásico: “I have no doubts, I have the team”

Marcelo Gallardo, prior to the Superclásico: "I have no doubts, I have the team"

Marcelo Gallardo assured this Friday in a press conference that the River Plate team already has for the Superclásico against Boca, although he admitted that there would be no surprises regarding what he had been seeing this week.

“I have the team confirmed but I have not yet given them to the footballers. For me those who start are as important as those who can accompany from the bench, because they can change the development of the game”, the millionaire coach explained.

“I do not give the team so as not to give information to the rival.”

On the other hand, he remarked that in the assembly of the initial XI for a game as transcendental as against Boca, not only the level of the players matters.

“In the Superclásico the emotional plays a lot, beyond the quality of the footballers that both teams have.”

Regarding how he imagines the game with Boca, Gallardo said: “It will depend a lot on the teams’ formations. If I let myself be guided by Boca’s latest formation, it is a team that has a game in the middle of the field, which It doesn’t have much reference in attack but they rotate “.

Gallardo answered about three footballers who will surely be at La Bombonera on Sunday, but who were in doubt at some point of the week.

“Angileri has been suffering a personal problem with his father. As of Wednesday he began to add training sessions and we hope he can arrive at the game in good condition”He detailed about the defender who missed the meeting with Argentinos because he had his father hospitalized.

In addition, he announced that Jonatan Maidana could start for the first time, instead of Héctor David Martínez: “Maidana is the typical player who knows what these games are about. He knows the responsibility of competing to win a place. He came and started training with a strong mentality to contribute to the team. He has a chance to play.”

And with respect to Rafael Santos Borré, whom Palmeiras once again tempted to leave, the Doll acknowledged that he had talks with the Colombian about it. “I’ve been talking to Borré for weeks. In the last few days I saw him totally focused on what he has to play. “


“It is good to be convinced of what one does and transmit that security. I believe in what we are capable of doing because I have players who offer themselves. We work for that and over the years we have been sustaining.”

“We did not deserve to lose against Argentinos. The game ends with a great goal in the last minutes.”

“We lost points in games where we did not deserve the defeat. It happened to us with Estudiantes and this Monday with Argentinos. But it is not won with merits. It is won by attacking and defending well. We must be more forceful when we attack, as against Racing.”

“Every time we went to La Bombonera we were competitive.”

“I miss the public a lot. Without the fan, football is not the same. It does not feel the same, in any way. A classic in an empty stadium is not the same.”

“For the coaches, it is listened to even when you scratch your hair. And that’s not good. What affects people’s breath changes totally.”

“I’m going to start taking out microphones or turning them off because I don’t like it being all public. We don’t have privacy, I don’t like it. I would like to see more talk about the game and not about what one said to a referee or a player” .

“The newspaper award The country It is striking, because we did not win anything in this last year. Many times, the winner is rewarded, and in this case the forms of a team or their behavior were rewarded, beyond having lost … “

“I take the awards in a very particular way, because beyond the recognition of a person is the work of an entire team. We are very proud to continue sharing as a work team, it has enormous value.”

“When you win you have to enjoy it, because not all the time you have a chance to win, and not everyone can. The enjoyment is very short, because the next day you already have to prepare for the next game.”

On the rumors of having rejected an offer from Barcelona in 2019: “I am not here to answer things that I am not thinking about at the moment.”

La possible formation of River would be: Franco Armani; Milton Casco, Jonatan Maidana, Robert Rojas, Fabrizio Angileri; Enzo Pérez, Nicolás de La Cruz, Bruno Zuculini; Jorge Carrascal, Matías Suárez and Rafael Santos Borré.

River will visit Boca on Sunday from 6 pm, with a live broadcast of Fox Sports Premium.

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