Mayweather gave a guided tour of the monstrous suite he occupies in Cancun

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Mayweather dio un tour guiado por la monstruosa suite que ocupa en Cancún

Former world champion Floyd mayweather showed a tour of the palatial room he occupies in the hotel Garza Blanca Resort & Spa of Cancun. He assures that the first room did not like him and he changed to another.

In just a couple of days the presence of Floyd mayweather in the Riviera Maya of Mexico already gave what to talk about after his bodyguards starred in an incident with local walkers in the archaeological zone of Tulum. However, this does not seem to dampen the enthusiasm of Floyd.

Money He gave a little tour of the huge and luxurious room, where he is staying with part of his crew.

The room where they are is the mask of the place and it is the Loft Suite with four bedrooms, where the regular price per night exceeds 2,000 US dollars.

“I just got to Cancun I showed them the room where I was, but it wasn’t good enough, and I said to myself you know what we will do, we will go to Tulum“, Explained Mayweather. “But I did not like it Tulum, so we go back to CancunYou did not like my first suite, I hope this one did ”, said the American started du video.

Already entering the room, Mayweather points out that they ignore the suitcases that are on their right. And suddenly, you see a huge room with an elegant dining room, a room with a screen and a spectacular kitchen. The former champion simply points out: “beauty, beauty, beauty.”

Three floors of absolute luxury that Mayweather enjoys in Cancun

Then he goes to room number one where he can see a king size bed, a large bathroom with a bathtub included. Then he goes to the other end to see room number two where there are two double beds and a bathroom with a tub.

Then you go out to the large balcony of the room where you can see a hammock, a dining room and some chairs to enjoy the imposing view.

Floyd mayweather now he is going to the second floor where he teaches the third quarter. It has two double beds and a bathtub for bathing, and finally the fourth bedroom that has a king size bed and its bathtub.

But not everything is there, the former boxer invites you to see the third floor where the roof top is. It has a bathroom, a jacuzzi, a shower, and several armchairs to rest and have a sublime view of the Mexican Caribbean.

“This is much better than the first room I showed you, my opinion is that this is the best hotel in Cancun, it’s my opinion,” he said. Money to close this tour.

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