Spain, with Bautista Güemes and Fernando López, receives Georgia on the way to the World Cup

The Europe Championship 2021 will have his kick off on Sunday to Spain that will receive Georgia in Madrid, which also implies the road to the 2023 World Cup in France, since the competition delivers two direct places to the highest appointment of the oval sport. In the The locals will be from the beginning the Argentines Bautista Güemes and Fernando López, who will be the captain of the team, while Federico Casteglione will be in the bench of substitutes.

Georgia is the big favorite to win the tournament and access the first square, which will occupy Group C where Australia, Wales and Fiji are already waiting. The Lelos won the tournament 12 times and have not lost to the Spanish since 2012, a match that was also played in Madrid. The Second ticket will go to Group B which will have as confirmed rivals South Africa, Ireland and Scotland.

The European Championship will be played against everyone and Russia, Romania and Portugal also participate in the competition. The sixth team will come out of the duel between Belgium and the Netherlands that was suspended in 2020 due to the pandemic and will play on June 13. The first two will go directly to the World Cup, while the third will play a playoff.

On the first day, Georgia beat Portugal 26-19 as a visitor and Russia beat Romania 18-13 at home. In the other match on the second date, Portugal will host Romania on Saturday.

The formations will be the following:

SPAIN: 1- Fernando López (c), 2- Marco Pinto, 3- Jon Zabala; 4- Victor Sánchez, 5- Manu Mora; 6- Katokato Gavidi, 7- Pierre Barthere, 8- Fred Quercy; 9- Tomás Munilla, 10, Bautista Güemes, 11- Jordi Jorba, 12- Álvar Gimeno, 13. Alejandro Alonso, 14- Brand Linklater; 15- Charlie Maylei.

Substitutes: 16- Thiery Futeu, 17- Vicente del Hoyo, 18- Bittor Aboitiz, 19- Anibal Bonan, 20- Brice Ferrer, 21- Kerman Aurrekoetxea, 22- Gonzalo Vinuesa, 23- Federico Casteglioni.

GEORGIA: 1- Beka Gigashvili, 2- Shalva Mamukashvili, 3- Gia Kharaishvili; 4- Lasha Jaiani, 5- Davit Gigauri; 6- Mikheil Gachechiladze, 7- Irakli Tskhadadze, 8- Tornike Jalaghonia; 9- Gela Aprasidze, 10- Tedo Abzhandadze; 11- Deme Tapladze, 12- Merab Sharikadze, 13- Giorgi Kveseladze, 14- Aka Tabutsadze; 15- Davit Niniashvili.

Substitutes: 16- Jaba Bregvadze, 17- Gurma Gogichashvili, 18- Goirgi Melikidze, 19- Nodar Cheishvili, 20- Giorgi Tkilaishvili, 21- Mikheil Alania, 22- Giorgi Babunashvili, 23- Sandro Todua.