In trouble, the Pitbull Cruz beat Matías Romero by a tight unanimous decision

Con apuros, el Pitbull Cruz le ganó por apretada decisión unánime a Matías Romero

Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz struggled to take a tight unanimous decision over the Argentine Matías Romero in a lightweight elimination bout for the AMB Saturday night.

cross, 22, is a Mexican lightweight prospect who captivated the boxing world by the way he destroyed in the same first round last October Diego Magdaleno. He was baptized as the Mike tyson Mexican for his compact physique and his explosive way of throwing punches. At times, he entered the conversation with names like Devin Haney, Ryan Garcia or Teofimo Lopez.

However, this Saturday, cross ran into a rival like Matías Romero, a prospect who arrived with good credentials from Argentina. But he came across a style that exposed the shortcomings that he still has cross. Surely, he got out of that ring happy to have won the victory in a very uncomfortable fight, but he also had to come down with a long list of pending to improve in the gym.

And is that Matías Romero, 24, showed that he is light on his feet, with good lateral exit. He has an interesting waist movement, hitting fast and with good precision. Let’s say, an agile, but less polished, version of his compatriot Sergio “Wonder” Martinez. But above all, Rosemary brought to the table a long, twisted fang, knew when to foul the fight and despair cross.

The Pitbull You stumbled upon a style that gives you and will give you trouble. Something overweight was noticed, and with a step less in the speed and power of the hands that he demonstrated against Magdaleno last october. He had difficulty cutting off the ring, and closing the exits to an elusive style rival.

He also fought to set his traps. He announced his blows a lot and that took away power. If we also add that Romero absorbed well the forceful blows he received from cross, the Mexican seemed deactivated. The Argentine never rarely gave the Pitbull the chance for a second hit.

cross got caught up in the rogue boxing of Rosemary. And that is a terrain where cross misses. A point was deducted for low blows, which he repeatedly hit due to the impotence of not being able to connect clean. He made a dangerous use of his head, which could also have cost him points. The Pitbull must clean his boxing, and maintain his composure, even against uncomfortable opponents as he was Rosemary.

The judges’ ruling was not alien to the controversy. Rosemary, although without fuss, he was surprised by the scores, and left the ring confused. He felt like a winner.

The fight was close, although certainly, cross he was the aggressor the entire fight, and that may have weighed on the judges’ minds. However, it is evident that the Pitbull cross he came close to being derailed as a prospect.

The judges gave scores of 114-113, 115-112, 118-109, all in favor of Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz on Matías Romero.

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