Aljamain Sterling to WWE?  A wrestling star caused controversy in the UFC

After receiving an illegal knee to the head, Aljamain Sterling keep receiving controversial criticism everywhere. The Jamaican is the new UFC Bantamweight champion, but many disagreed with his actions after the coup. Some believe that he was acting to have Petr Yan disqualified and thus have the title in his possession. Now a star of the Wwe, Big E, spoke about it.

In that sense, Big E He said: ‘Here’s the problem, when you are determining the roles of heel and babyface, you have to know who your opponent is. His opponent is a terrifying Russian named Petr Yan. So if Aljo went crazy, he had to do it against a guy who can be a babyface. I like Yan, I have a lot of fun with him, I don’t think he’s the guy we can support as a babyface. So I would say no, I think Aljo is our baby face ».

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He’s a charismatic guy. She comes out with the gold dookie chain, she has the sweet one, kind of like, high top ‘cold. That is our babyface. I’d be fine with the heel twist if maybe, like, Cory Sandhagen, I think he’s a babyface that we can all support. I think if our next opponent is going to be Yan, if I’m the one reserving here, I say let’s fight, let’s keep our baby face Sterling here and let Yan be the terrifying Russian who hits people on the head, “he said.

Few support it

In turn, the star of the Wwe He mentioned, “You know, we do a lot of weird things in professional wrestling, but one of the things that I think we do well is that the title shouldn’t change hands with a DQ. I don’t know if that means the title is now vacant, I’m not sure exactly. It feels so bad that Aljamain he’s sporting a title now after a DQ win. I think that is problematic.

So the whole system needs to be adjusted and revised because you shouldn’t put the fighter in that position. Because if I am Aljamain, he made a smart decision, whether he was acting or not. Now that he has pay-per-view points, the fact that he can put on his resume that he is a former and current UFC champion, there is really no incentive for Aljamain to continue fighting. ” Big E.

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