And now? Colby Covington claims Leon Edwards disqualified from UFC

And now?  Colby Covington claims Leon Edwards disqualified from UFC

The always controversial Colby covington was accurate, liquidating Leon edwards in these hours. The aforementioned does not have a good relationship with practically anyone, but against this surname it is enhanced. On this occasion, he gave his opinion on the fight of the weekend, in which the Jamaican poked Belal Muhammad in the eye. Therefore, he demanded that he be disqualified for that action.

In that sense, Covington He remarked: “He still hasn’t fought in two years. He has a no-contest which, incidentally, should have been a disqualification. He hit the guy in the face in the first round and backstage I know Herb Dean warned him, ‘Hey, don’t punch anyone in the eyes,’ because that’s the instruction they always give before they go out. and fight. I should have been disqualified.

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“I don’t know what a contest was like. That said, he still hasn’t fought in two years. How is he still in the rankings? It’s very funny. Some people said, ‘Oh, it’s an accident!’ An accident occurs if one of the lights above the Octagon falls into the Octagon and hits one of the fighters in the head. An accident is if Herb Dean has a heart attack in the Octagon and can not refute, so they call the fight, “he dictated.

It was forceful

At the same time, Colby He said, ‘That is an accident. A second puncture in the eye, a third puncture in the eye, they are not accidents. That should have been a disqualification. The guy hasn’t won a fight in two years. He has been turning down fights from left to right with various people behind me who are nobody. I’m the number one man in the world, Marty Fakenewsman and I have unfinished business.

“They know what they can do to get me to show up in that fight, but I’m not going to go to charity. The guy still hasn’t won in two years. A no-contest, that’s not a win, that’s not a fight. He needs a rematch with that ‘Bailey’ guy. They need to fight again. Repeat the fight of Lion against ‘Bailey’ because nobody gives a damn. Nobody wants to see that hot garbage. The only fight we can do is me against Marty Newsman or me against Street Judas Masvidal », he closed Colby covington.

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