Are there new chances? Israel’s coach Adesanya and the desire to cross it with Jon Jones

Are there new chances?  Israel's coach Adesanya and the desire to cross it with Jon Jones

After losing for the first time, the coach of Israel Adesanya analyzed what many want for him in UFC. Eugene Bareman nothing was saved hours ago, where he took the opportunity to give his opinion on what happened in the star of UFC 259. Losing the undefeated was no small thing, although he still dreams of the chance to cross it at some point with Jon jones in the most important octagon in the world.

That way, in the beginning, Bareman He explained the following about it: “Once you cheat, Jon jones he is as irrelevant as TJ Dillashaw. It’s as if they don’t exist for me. Like, yeah, is any of what TJ Dillashaw did in the past relevant now that he’s been duped? No. It is no different for Jon Jones. So you can’t tell me about Jon Jones right now. “

Defined and by the title: Israel Adesanya’s next rival in the UFC is here

I have a particular opinion and will not share it with the rest of the world. So right now the best 205-er is Jan Błachowicz. There is no one else. There is no one as good as him. Then in the division above, there is no one as good as Israel Adesanya. That has been proven for a long time now. He is the champion and the best », he also communicated Eugene.

Being that way, Jon jones responded to Eugene Bareman through your personal Twitter account. «Give up coach, we’ve all seen your cards, your boy has almost no defense or offense on his back. Now you’re just being a cloud trout, if you honestly sent him there against a 260-pound fighter after that last performance, you don’t care about his well-being, ”was what Bonny said.

They don’t look back

In that sense, Bareman he had said days ago, “We learned shit, to be honest. We learned shit. There is not much I want to talk about, what we have learned, I always want to maintain the advantage that we have over others, I do not want to talk too much about what we have learned. But let me tell you that as much as when you are winning you try to learn as much as if you were in a situation where you lost, that is never the case.

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