Zverev: "I'm Federer's biggest fan, but he's on top of me, the ranking is a mess"

It ignited a controversy. Alexander Zverev, a great admirer of Roger Federer, was angry and totally against the current ranking system imposed by the ATP. In Acapulco, the German He said that it cannot be that, with some good results that he achieved, he is below the Swiss, inactive for more than a year of the circuit.

Currently, the youngest of the Zverev brothers is ranked No. 7 in the world rankings, one place below Federer. Precisely, both played a record exhibition in Mexico more than a year ago and now, on Mexican soil, about to make their debut in the ATP in Acapulco, he harshly criticized the scoring system.

In an interview, Zverev was clear: “I am Roger Federer’s biggest fan, but he is above me, the ranking is a disaster. He did not play in a year and he is up … I played a Grand Slam final, the final of a Masters 1000, one, two tournaments, right now the system is a mess ”.

Despite the fact that the vast majority of important tournaments have been played since last August, the Players Council and the ATP itself decided to continue freezing the 2019 points until mid-March and a couple of weeks ago announced new changes, where until the 5th August 2019 points will continue to count by 50%, something that benefits several of the best in particular and hurts those who are looking for a place in the Top 100.

“The ranking doesn’t really matter to me and less so with the point system we have now. I mean, I should be No. 4 or 5 best in the world with the normal system, but the one we have now is a bit absurd. It’s just a number right now. It does not make any sense. I am the biggest fan of Roger there is, but right now the points system is a mess and you don’t have to pay too much attention to it, ”said the German.

With the current system, in 2022 points that are still valid for the 2019 season will be defended. Without a doubt, Zverev is upset with the classification used in these times of pandemic by Covid-19, which had already generated disagreement on the part of others colleagues.