Mercedes in ‘trouble’, historic duels and a sandstorm: everything left by the Formula 1 preseason

Fórmula 1

The last week the action returned to the highest category of World motorsport. The Formula 1 had his three days of testing preseason, kicking off the 2021 season. The tests left several moments that will be remembered by the fans, although it was not a test for the points. From a sandstorm, to the ‘problems‘ of Mercedes they had to talk in the last hours.


Many expected that, as in 2020, Mercedes would take first place in the training sessions that took place in Bahrain. However, the German team was far from staying within the expected times. With Valtteri Bottas Y Lewis hamilton, the champion team was very far from its closest rivals: Red bull, what with Max verstappen were the most consistent.

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Hamilton starred in several unusual spins and caught the attention of many. Bottas, was very slow with respect to his partner and his rivals. On the other hand, the reliability problems revealed some ‘problems’ at Mercedes. It should be noted that Mercedes never had the best performance in the last preseason, so they are still the top candidates, despite the fact that this is a wake-up call.


After the first day of action last week, the Bahrain circuit was hit by a cruel sandstorm. The action on the track was seriously impaired and some drivers decided not to go out for a turn, despite the short time there was to do so. Thanks to this, very spectacular images were given, since when passing through the main straight, the cars left a trail of sand, very similar to rain.

The most anticipated duel

One of the most spectacular images of the past week was the return of a historic rivalry: Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso. The Spanish and the British (partners in 2008), had a collision on the main straight of the Bahrain circuit. As if it were a race for points, the Asturian at the controls of the Alpine He took the initiative and passed the seven-time champion, as if they were fighting for the title in the last race.

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