10 gifts you can buy at the official Tyson Fury store

10 gifts you can buy at the official Tyson Fury store

Tyson Fury, heavyweight champion CMB, already has its online store where it sells its sportswear line with very cool clothes and unique memorabilia.

Eccentric, charismatic, thoughtful, Tyson fury It has many facets, and that has made it connect with different audiences. It is also the heavy that brought down empires. First, at the end of the very long Age of Klitschko in the top flight, and then, dethroning another very long reign of Deontay Wilder.

And with his clothing line, every boxing fan can show their respect and admiration for a fighter who is already historic in the category. T-shirts, tanks, sweatshirts, hats, and collectibles with the boxer’s signature such as gloves, photos, gowns, etc.

Prices range from just over $ 8 to $ 1800, all depending on the product you want to buy.

So we took a tour of the official store of Tyson fury and we select the 10 most attractive garments or objects.

In black and gold, this shirt is one of the jewels. It is the official garment that members of the Fury team usually wear. It has a cost of 41.66 dollars and there are from size S to XXL.

Training tank in green and gold. With the Giypsy King nickname on the chest and reverse, it retails for $ 55.55 and comes in sizes S to XXL.

Military style cap sweatshirt with the birth year of Tyson fury. It has a price of 55.55 dollars and there are from size S to XXL.

This more casual garment has a cost of $ 34.72, and there are sizes from S to XXL. There are also in black with red.

This black sweatshirt, which contains the fighter’s signature stamped, has a cost of $ 34.72, and there are from size S to XXL.

Tyson Fury sweatshirt.

Everything indicates that the fighter loves the green camo style, so some of his caps also come with Stellas style, plus they come in a special bag with the fighter’s signature. It has a cost of $ 34.72.

The set is priced at $ 111 and comes from size S to XXL.

Tyson Fury Camo Pants

This belt is signed by the boxer and is a replica of the original. It costs $ 1,389.

This outfit is ua. copy of the ones he used in his fight before Deontay Wilder, are signed and framed. It is priced at $ 1,180.

This collector’s item is covered by a transparent box to make the glove look in all its splendor. It has a cost of $ 319.

Tyson Fury gloves.

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