El Gallo Estrada in front of history: What place does he occupy among the best Mexican boxers of all time?

El Gallo Estrada frente la historia: ¿Qué lugar ocupa entre los mejores boxeadores mexicanos de todos los tiempos?

Officially, beyond controversy, Juan Francisco “Gallo” Estrada has a victory over the great four-time world division champion Román “Chocolatito” González, and it is time to ponder his place among the best Mexican boxers in history.

Few Mexican boxers in history can include in their record a recognized triumph over an opponent with that credential. Among these, we only count Juan Manuel Marquez when he knocked out Manny pacquiao, Y Saúl “Canelo” Álvarez when he beat Miguel Cotto.

Yes, there is a narrative that created controversy about the result of March 13 in Texas with the card of the Venezuelan judge of the AMB, Carlos Sucre (117-111). However, even with that, the Rooster adds a name to his resume who will enter the Hall of Fame before 2030.

Regardless of what is believed to be a controversial result, the truth is that this is what the American press considered that he lacked to establish his legacy as one of the best Mexican small pesos of all time, and in turn of this era in the 21st century pandemic.

But how much escalated Estrada on the rungs of the rich history of Mexican boxing with gold letters in sacred names like Chavez, Sanchez, Lopez, Arizmendi Y Olive groves?

LEFT PUNCH was given the task of analyzing and setting criteria to propose a Top 25 of the best Mexican boxers in history.

Criteria included quality of opposition faced, world titles won, linear titles, induction into the Hall of Fame, championships in multiple weight divisions. Fights against current or future members of the Hall of Fame, unified titles in at least two weight divisions, as well as the historical value of their careers are also considered.

We rule out more subjective criteria such as retirement with undefeated record or few defeats, popularity, media presence, social media activity, old-time romanticism, obtaining vacant and interim ‘world’ titles, conquering belts NABF, IBO, continental and international, victories over famous rivals of dubious quality and ‘many’ title fights mu

Is the Gallo Estrada among the Mexicans of history?

Returning to the initial question of this article, we have to begin to answer the main question.

Where is the Gallo Estrada on the list of the best Mexican boxers in history after his victory against Gonzalez?

The Gallo Estrada from Puerto Peñasco we placed him in this club in the 14th position among the best Mexican fighters in history. Just a place in front of the bravo Guadalupe Painter and below the refined Gilberto Roman.

What places Estrada there so high without being Hall of Fame yet and barely 30 years old?

The answer lies in a number of factors. First, the quality of his opposition in world championship fights; two, obtaining unified degrees in two divisions; three, the award with the linear title of the magazine The Ring in super flyweight; and four, an intangible, his status as one of the best master aggressors / boxers of his time.

In the curriculum of Estrada victories against the now former world champions are included: Brian Viloria, Giovanni Segura, Milan Melindo, Hernán “Tyson” Márquez, Juan Carlos “Zurdito” Sánchez, Carlos “Prince” Cuadras, Sr. Rungvisai Y Román “Chocolatito” González.

His record in world championship fights is 10-2-0. And the only three defeats suffered, were already officially avenged before the Left-handed Sanchez, in view of Rungvisai and against him Chocolatito González.

Overall, since losing his first fight to Chocolatito eight and a half years ago, he has managed to compile a 16-1 record, competing in three divisions.

The centennial English magazine Boxing News called him ‘The Avenger’, the avenger, prior to his second encounter with Gonzalez. Y He has earned that qualifier, along with his status as a complete master of sweet science in the 112 and 115 pound divisions, which has it there.

Perhaps, if the negotiations are successful and your physical and mental health allow it, Estrada can unify a more super flyweight title, then try to win a belt in the bantamweight division. Is that a category that is populated with feared boxers like Naoya inoue, and other competitive ones like John Riel Casimero, Nonito Donaire Y Andrew Moloney.

Yes Estrada, his coach and his promotional team, arrange a fight against Inoue it would be sensational. A title in that division, with the level of competition that currently prevails in it, would make its profile jump to eleventh or ten place in this Top 25.

But let’s not anticipate what has not happened. Nor do we call Estrada ‘big’ early. He is a sensational boxer who accumulates merits.

These are the credentials of Estrada, which still has time to make its legacy clearer and generate arguments for those who criticize its position on this list.

The list

The consensus is almost complete that the best five fighters in history would be Julio Cesar Chavez, Salvador Sanchez, Ricardo “Finito” López, Baby arizmendi Y Ruben Olivares. The order between them may vary, but hardly the names.

The real discussion comes after the first five. And it will remain open to generate debate.

Is Canelo Alvarez the number six? So far, yes, because it covers the requirements set out in the main indicators. For example, his quality is indisputable, he is the world’s number one Libra Por Libra, he is boxing’s main attraction and the only native boxer to have three linear magazine titles. The Ring.

After him come names like Juan Manuel Marquez, Marco Antonio Barrera, Erik morales Y Carlos Zarate. Names that could be exchanged in endless analysis.

The group that appears from eleventh to twentieth place is loaded with memorable world champions who are recognized for their world class and quality of opposition. There are names like Miguel Canto, Vicente Saldivar Y Gilberto Roman that on other lists have come to be considered in the top ten overall. In particular, it is about three great masters of world boxing, especially Singing Y Saldívar, who are already in the Hall of Fame.

Gilberto Roman, whose life, like that of Sal Sanchez got truncated in a car accident, when he was in full power, He is considered the best Mexican super flyweight of all time.

And that is where the merits accumulated by the Gallo Estrada.

Afterwards, we would put Lupe Painter, Naples Butter, Pipino Cuevas, Humberto “Chiquita” González, Daniel Zaragoza, Y Carlos Palomino They complete the top 20 places on this list.

And to complete the Top 25, we would continue Raúl “Mouse” Macías, Fernado “Cochulito” Montiel, Jorge “Naughty” Arce, the great Alfonso Zamora (silver medal in Munich 72) and the Cuban-Mexican Ultiminio “Sugar” Ramos.

There will be several others that should be here, but this is a list that arises from journalistic concern to expose the historical value of the great Mexican champions. It seeks to create arguments with rationality that contribute to informed argumentation about the debate of the place that each world-class Aztec fighter should occupy in a list like this.

So we leave the debate open, hoping that the reading and explanations will feed the reactions that this will generate. It is not perfect, not final, like many things in boxing, and like any list.

Bell rings. Let the debate begin.

The Top 25 of the best Mexican fighters in history

Pos.BoxerRecordWorld championship fightsRecord in championship fights
1Julio Cesar Chavez *107–6–2 (86 KO’s)3731-4-2
twoSalvador Sanchez *44-1-1 (32 KO’s)1010-0-0
3Ricardo Lopez *51-0-1 (38 KO’s)2625-0-1
4Alberto ‘Baby’ Arizmendi87–26–14 (20 KO’s)95-3-1
5Ruben Olivares *89–13–3 (79 KO’s)149-5-0
6Saul Alvarez *55-1-2 (39 KO’s)1816-1-1
7Marco A. Barrera *67-7 (44 KO’s)2621-5-0
8Juan Manuel Marquez *56-7-1 (40 KO’s)2215-6-1
9Carlos Zarate66–4 (63 KO’s)1410-4-0
10Erik Morales *52–9 (36 KO’s)2819-9-0
elevenMiguel Canto *61–9–4 (15 KO’s)1916-2-1
12Vicente Saldivar *37-3 (26 KO’s)eleven9-2-0
13Gilberto Roman *54-6-1 (35 KO’s)1612-3-1
14Juan F. Estrada *42-3-0 (28 KO’s)1210-2-0
fifteenLupe Painter56–14–2 (42 KO’s)129-2-1
16Jose Napoles *81–7 (54 KO’s)1815-3-0
17Pipino Cuevas35-15-0 (31 KO’s)1312-1-0
18Humberto Gonzalez43-3-0 (30 KO’s)1815-3-0
19Daniel Zaragoza55–8–3 (28 KO’s)2214-5-3
twentyCarlos Palomino *31–4–3 (19 KO’s)31-4-38-2-0
twenty-oneRaul Macias41-2-0 (25 KO’s)33-1-0
22Fernando Montiel56-6-2 (39 KO’s)2. 318-4-1
2. 3Jorge Arce ** 64-8-2 (49 KO’s)29 **24-5-0
24Alfonzo Zamora38-5-0 (32 KO’s)76-1-0
25Sugar Ramos *66-7-4 (40)74-3-0

Grades: * Linear and world champions at the same time

** 8 fights for an interim title and 6 fights for a vacant title

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