He will get over? They assure that Paulo Costa is not in good health and worries many

He will get over?  They assure that Paulo Costa is not in good health and worries many

The extraordinary Brazilian fighter from UFC, Paulo Costa, he contracted a disease that has him to mistreat him. It is a severe flu infection, which has not left him in a good way. He himself was going to face Robert Whittaker on April 17, but he will not be able to be. Instead, Kevin Gastelum will enter the Octagon against the Australian in what will be a spectacular battle.

In these hours, your brother and coach, Carlos Costa, spoke with the press and expressed what they are going through in these hours: «We only want to postpone the fight for a week or two so that ‘Borrachinha’ recovers. He had COVID and then he had the flu, and the flu is taking a long time to go away. We just want to postpone the fight, not call it off. He will be ready at some point and he wants that battle.

I was drunk? The incredible statement by Paulo Costa after losing to Israel Adesanya

«Symptoms of Paul They were moderate, but then something happened that we weren’t expecting. But there is a problem: he never stopped training. He continued training very hard, having this disease. He hasn’t made a full recovery since then, so we think that’s exactly why. It has not turned out well and now he will have to rest for a while, ”Carlos admitted.

To close with his sayings, Carlos Costa He reported the following in this regard: ‘I had a sore throat and then a large discharge from my chest. Her physical condition dropped a bit and then a few weeks ago she had a severe flu. We will do a chest X-ray and other tests to see if COVID has affected anything. We will wait for those results to know what will happen next ».

There was illusion before the disease

“This is the best fight for 185, No. 1 against No. 2. The winner… Borrachinha will win, and with that victory, imagine how many pay-per-views a rematch would make with Adesanya. It is a business. It’s the best possible pay-per-view because Borrachinha and Adesanya really hate each other, but we can’t put the division on hold, ”said Wallid Ismail, another coach of Paulo Costa in MMA.

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