Confirmed? Marc Márquez joked about his return with a fan and sparked more rumors

Marc Márquez

These days were full of rumors and surprises for fans of Marc Márquez. The Spanish was present at the Barcelona circuit a few days ago, and surprised everyone by testing a variant of the Honda of MotoGP, smaller displacement. There he was again on the back of a competition motorcycle and made it clear that his goal is only one: to return on the first date of the championship.

Despite the news about his treatment and evolution, many media are encouraged to draw conclusions about Márquez’s decision. Despite this, no one from the pilot’s environment and Sling confirm the news. On the other hand, the Spanish media Mundo Deportivo, which closely followed Marc’s recovery, gave details of a ‘slip’ that fuels the rumors.

The advice Marc Márquez received for the first race: “You have to be happy”

According to the Spanish newspaper, Márquez met a fan at the exit of the Barcelona circuit and he asked for an autograph. When giving it to him, this person comments to him that it was ‘a pity that he missed the first race’, implying that he would not be in Qatar. However, Márquez’s response was surprising. “Ah, no, no, in the end… we’ll see,” he said with a laugh.

On the other hand, Márquez spoke with this person about the condition of his arm. It should be noted that the Spaniard gave many laps on the circuit, confirming his good health. According to Mundo Deportivo, Marc said “it was fine, but in the end a bit loaded.” In the next few days it will be confirmed what Márquez will do in the first race.


While Márquez and his medical team discuss the decision they will make in the next few hours, the pilot of Repsol Honda continue your training. The Spaniard was with his brother, Alex Marquez, riding a bike to prepare for the 2021 season. “As much as you clench your teeth, your legs will make the same force,” he said with a laugh.

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