Dinamo Zagreb vs. Tottenham Hotspur – Match Report – March 18, 2021

Dinamo Zagreb vs.  Tottenham Hotspur - Match Report - March 18, 2021

(EFE) – Not in their worst imaginations would Tottenham or Jose Mourinho have guessed one such night on their visit to Dinamo Zagreb, with which they suffered a resounding failure in the second round of the Europa League, eliminated in overtime by the champion Croatian and, above all, by Mislav Orsic and three goals (3-0).

His name, his sensational game and his three goals wrote the story and the unforeseen outcome of a tie that traveled from London with a 2-0 in favor of the British bloc, whose hit takes much more dimension due to the advantage with which it had presented itself. in a second leg he won’t forget for a long time.

Neither the duel nor Orsic, who unleashed the rebellion of Dinamo Zagreb in the 62nd minute, when he controlled with his left, settled the ball with his right and released a perfect parable from the corner of the area to the visiting goal’s squad, Unattainable for Hugo Lloris, without yet intuiting that it was the beginning of something bigger.

Tottenham had the draw, already with Gareth Bale on the ground from the hour of the meeting, but Orsic was again the best of all on the opposing goal, decisive in the culmination of the overflowing collective play of Dinamo Zagreb of which The English team learned a lot, overtaken by rival ambition, direct to extra time by a 2-0 that put everything on the boil.

Harry Kane did not avoid it, with a header stopped by goalkeeper Livakovic, an insurmountable wall for Tottenham and their scorer, in a good center from Bale, and the team led by Mourinho headed towards the cliff in overtime, bent by Orsic, who drove, dribbled and scored 3-0 in the second act of extra time.

So easy did he do all that that it highlights each of the visiting footballers who passed him in all that career to the edge of the area, that they were not even able to bother the accurate shot with which he beat Hugo Lloris. He confirmed the Tottenham disaster, completed by two incredible saves from Livakovic.

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