New contender? Aspen Ladd and the desire to face Amanda Nunes in the UFC

New contender?  Aspen Ladd and the desire to face Amanda Nunes in the UFC

After a complicated surgery, Aspen ladd think about when to go back to the cage UFC and with whom to do it. The aforementioned had to be operated on eight months ago and still has time to recover, but that does not take away the hope of dreaming of a fight for the Bantamweight title. Therefore, it spoke with the press in the last hours and recognized the desire to be in front of Amanda nunes sometime.

In that sense, Ladd She stated, “I’m at the point now where I have a timeline of when I’ll be back, and by that time, I highly doubt the fight has materialized, and it doesn’t make sense for her to jump ahead and get the fight fairly. Because he’s talking a lot of crap, but you know how the game works. McMann is one of the best in the world at what she does, but she has never translated very well into MMA. “

Attention! Breaking news on Amanda Nunes and her UFC title

“Her problem is that when it starts to get difficult, she starts to break down. So Julianna came out with a great game plan, essentially what ours was before the fight. The result did not surprise me at all. I think they’re both great fighters, and McMann is wonderful at what he does, but that doesn’t quite translate into MMA. She is doing everything she has to do to get as much attention as possible for her, “he summed up.

What will happen?

What’s more, Aspen she recounted: “I heard a rumor that she wanted a TUF show against Amanda, but I highly doubt that will happen. So she’s promoting herself in the best way she can, probably. But the thing is, she doesn’t make the decisions. Amanda does, and Amanda he just fought at 145, he doesn’t fight often, and if it goes down to 135, especially if they are going to eliminate 145, it will be a long time before the fight materializes. And in that case, you need to fight me before you fight Amanda.

“I think Julianna is a more legitimate contender than anyone I’ve fought recently. I think it will be the fight that will bring it. With Amanda, the only thought that’s shown in my opinion is a bit of a lack of cardio, and when it hits the ground, it’s not that fast. So I think Julianna has a better chance, do I think she will be victorious? No, he concluded Aspen ladd.

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