“Nobody like Chávez”: Mike Tyson spoke with Canelo about Chávez, Finito, Sánchez and the best in history

Nadie como Chávez: Mike Tyson conversó con Canelo sobre Chávez, Finito, Sánchez y los mejores de la historia

Mike tyson He had an interesting talk with Saul “Canelo” Álvarez and with Eddy reynoso about the best Mexican fighters in boxing history, and made it clear to him that there will never be anyone else in boxing history at the level of Julio Cesar Chavez.

Saul Y Eddy reynoso they were guests on the podcast Hotboxin ‘ of Mike tyson, where the MMA fighter, Henry CejudoHe also served as host, interviewer, and at times, translator.

“I started boxing for my brother, but then Eddy showed me videos of Gilberto Roman, Julio Cesar Chavez, Naples Butter”Recalled the Canelo about the first Mexican fighters who marked him.

Salvador Sanchez

At that moment, Mike tyson proposed the name of Salvador Sanchez like another great Mexican fighter.

“TO Salvador Sanchez I didn’t see him that much, I haven’t seen him much ”, he replied Canelo.

At that moment, Tyson reacted immediately.

“Uhhh! Uhhh! Salvador SanchezHow he moved! ”, He said excitedly Tyson imitating the movements of the great Mexican pen, making the Canelo that he was missing out on something great.

Tyson demonstrated again the great knowledge of boxing history that he has, because when the Canelo mentioned the name of Naples Butter, among the great Mexicans, Tyson he immediately made the precision.

Naples Butter He was Cuban, but he went to live in Mexico, ”he said. Tyson.

At that moment, Eddy reynoso also participated in the conversation to talk about Salvador Sanchez.

“Of Salvador Sanchez I like the stamina it had, but it didn’t technically fill me up, ”Eddy explained. “It’s very good, but I think there are better quality boxers like Gilberto Roman, Ricardo Lopez, Miguel Canto“.

When Eddy mentioned to Ricardo Lopez, the look of Mike tyson it lit up again.

Ricardo Lopez! Wow! ” He said Tyson, while with his hand he made the gesture that he was a small fighter, making it clear that he knew perfectly who he was Finite.

Then, Mike tyson returned to the topic of Salvador Sanchez, and explain what made the Mexican special.

“What he did to Salvador Sanchez hard to beat. He was one of those guys, and this makes him very special. The better you were as a fighter, the harder I kicked your ass Sanchez“, Explained Tyson. “He raised the level of his boxing, as the quality of the rival he fought increased. He was a bastard son of a bitch. He beat Azumah nelson, Y Azumah nelson it was an animal. TO Wilfredo Gomez, what Wilfredo Gomez He was a knockout freak, and boom boom Sanchez he was more of a monster than him ”.

Julio Cesar Chavez

Julio Cesar Chavez was the other Mexican fighter who returned to enthusiasm Mike tyson in the conversation, and spoke of the absurdity that seems to him that Chavez Jr call him the son of legend for what his father did.

How can you compare to your father? He wondered. Tyson. “Even if you win a championship, you are like a beginner compared to him.”

And then Tyson began to explain to Canelo Y Eddy on the merits of Chavez.

“88 fights without losing, or 89, something like that,” he said. Tyson. “That’s one of those super records, you (addressing Henry Cejudo) you will not live to see something like that again; I’m not going to live to see something like this again; and neither do you (addressing Canelo Y Reynoso) “.

With that comment, Tyson seemed to make it clear to him that not even the Canelo I’d get something like what you got Chavez.

Speaking of Julio Cesar Chavez, Tyson He remembered another great Mexican rival that the great Mexican champion had.

“There was another fighter, Jose Ramirez“, He said Tyson. “He was tough, southpaw. That brought down Argüello (when they both fought in 1980) ”.

The day Tyson cried over a defeat for Julio César Chávez

Then, Eddy reynoso he remembered what he lived when Mike tyson had his first defeat, in February 1990, against Buster douglas.

“The first sadness I had with boxing, I was like 12 or 13 years old, it was when he fought in Japan that he lost with Buster douglas“, He recalled Eddy. “I remember that I caught myself crying. And the other sadness was when he lost Chavez with Randall“.

And then, Mike tyson, who seems to understand some Spanish, replied without waiting for the translation, to count the defeats of other fighters that made him cry.

“I cried when Oscar de la hoya beat Chavez“, Surprised Tyson with the statement. “He was my hero.”

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