Ralf Schumacher criticized Sebastian Vettel’s performance in the preseason: “I feel sorry”

Sebastian Vettel

The pre-season tests that took place last week at the Bahrain circuit were quite bad for the teams with engines Mercedes. One of them is Aston martin, which together with Lance Stroll Y Sebastian vettel they couldn’t roll long enough. Because of this, Ralf Schumacher, historic pilot of the Formula 1 He pointed out against the performance of his compatriot: «I feel sorry«, He assured.

The brother of the seven-time champion, Michael Schumacher and uncle of Mick Schumacher, He is currently a commentator for the Sky network in Germany. There he usually gives his opinion on the results of the different tests and the news that are happening in the Formula 1 circus. This time he had no mercy on the performance of the four-time winner of the top category.

Sebastian Vettel does not believe Mercedes’ problems: “I am sure they will be fine”

Due to various gearbox and engine problems, Vettel was unable to make enough turns to accommodate the new Aston Martin team car. It should be noted that the structure uses several Mercedes components, among which is the engine. The German team and Williams, who is also a Mercedes customer, did not have the expected preseason.

“I feel sorry”

I feel sorry for Sebastian. We know from last year that Sebastian Vettel is not only incredibly sensitive when it comes to team stuff, but also has to build confidence in the car, ”Schumacher told Sky. He also wondered: «And now what happens? He couldn’t really try all the new things, like the steering wheel, ”he added.

On the other hand, Michael’s brother doesn’t see a good 2021 for Vettel at Aston Martin. «All the automations of the car are essential, because only the driver has the extra capacity to be more free. Poor Sebastian now got into a brand new car. He has already said that he feels the direction different and that he is not happy. And then he is also deprived of the opportunity to adapt to it, “he said.

Source: Official Aston Martin Twitter

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