Real Madrid “convinces” Eden Hazard to avoid surgery on his injured ankle

Real Madrid "convinces" Eden Hazard to avoid surgery on his injured ankle

MADRID – Real Madrid convinced Eden Hazard to avoid surgery and try to recover with conservative treatment, according to different sources confirmed to ESPN.

The Belgian international, advised by the medical services of his team, was in favor of being operated on on his ankle that was operated on exactly one year ago because he thinks that his large number of muscle injuries are connected to that injury.

Hazard, a former Chelsea player, believes that the plaque that was put on him last March in Dallas does not match perfectly neither his bone mass nor his muscle mass and understands that the last injury that occurred in the psoas of his right leg is an overload caused by your attempts not to strain that ankle.

However, Real Madrid ruled out that he would go under the knife after consulting several specialists.

Hazard will follow a conservative treatment and the time that he will have to be off is unknown. The idea of ​​both the club and the player is not to advance deadlines to avoid further relapses despite the fact that they are aware that Madrid will play the season in the coming months.

The white team is six points behind Atletico Madrid in the League and has qualified for the quarterfinals of the Champions League after eliminating Atalanta in the round of 16. In addition, Hazard also had many illusions to lead his team in the European Championship as he did in the last World Cup.

The Belgian has had eleven injuries in the year and a half he has been at Real Madrid. He has lost fifty games and has only played 36. In fact, the attacker played a large part of those games between injuries, so he could not play 100% or half of the games played.

The player, according to sources managed by ESPN, is “sad” and one of the club’s main struggles is to mentally recover the player. Hazard was psychologically well until the penultimate injury, but now he is in a phase of disbelief and frustration for not finding a solution to the problem that prevents him from playing normally.

In fact, the same sources assure ESPN that one of the thorns that the player has is that of not being able to return to Zidane all the confidence that he has given him since he arrived at the Santiago Bernabéu.

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