Sharp: Sébastien Loeb’s team took charge of Daniel Elena’s criticism

Sébastien Loeb

The bomb exploded this Wednesday after confirming that Sebastien loeb broke a relationship of more than 23 years with his navigator, Daniel Elena. On social media, the co-pilot made an extensive and explosive release in which he pointed directly at the team ProDrive, although he released Loeb from responsibility. However, the director of the structure picked up the glove and accepted Elena’s criticism.

«They managed to put an end to 23 years of complicity, to make us doubt and to separate us. Bravo! ”Said Daniel Elena in the discharge he made on his social networks after the news was released. According to his words, the team fired him after some navigation errors during the last Dakar rally, in which Loeb and Elena had to leave due to mechanical problems.

After 23 years, Sébastien Loeb and Daniel Elena will stop racing together

David richards, head of the ProDrive team, assured that he understands Elena’s discomfort after her dismissal, but insisted that the decision was the correct one. On the other hand, he commented that Loeb accompanied all the time the measures taken by the directive, giving more controversy to the situation experienced by the Monegasque navigator. He also confirmed that Elena will not be the only one fired after the Dakar.

«We consulted Sébastien on the whole matter. A decision of this nature is not taken lightly. You have to look at things objectively and sometimes make difficult decisions. If you look at the results and what happened, the Dakar is unique. Everything has changed in recent years, “David Richards apologized, according to the ‘’ medium.


Although he did not confirm who will replace Elena, Richards confirmed that he is in search of a co-pilot to accompany the nine-time Champion of the WRC. “It is not easy to find someone with the level of experience required for this type of event. The navigation requirements have changed, and that is the key to all of this. You have to sign someone. Sébastien is determined to win the Dakar. We have time to resolve this, “he said.

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