Will it be able to? Derek Brunson and a withering warning for Kevin Holland

Will it be able to?  Derek Brunson and a withering warning for Kevin Holland

This Saturday night, in the UFC Vegas 22, Derek Brunson intersects with Kevin Holland in the cage. Therefore, both seek to liquidate the rival, in addition to the fact that the two arrive in a very good way at this crossroads. In any case, the first mentioned was the one who warmed up the previous one so far, shooting directly at his rival. That being the case, he predicted an overwhelming victory against one of the best of today.

Starting with his strong words, Brunson highlighted the following in this regard: «A Holland you would like to make it personal; he would like to continue the same thing that ‘Izzy’ did with the hype. It’s funny, he’s doing the exact same thing ‘Izzy’ did. He calls me ‘Bumson’ and I say, ‘Brother’, Izzy said the same thing. You’re trying to do exactly what he did, it doesn’t work out. “

Turn on the preview: Kevin Holland claims he will knock out Derek Brunson terribly

So I haven’t gotten involved with him because I’m going to fight the way I fought in my two previous fights. I’m going to look to knock you out anyway, so I’m not going to be satisfied until I catch your arms and knock you out. This is how the fight is going to go no matter what is said or how much crap you are talking about. It will not change the way I fight, “he also deepened.

On the other hand, Derek Brunson He explained: “My goal has always been to get that title shot. I’ve been there, but it’s been twice where if I had won those fights, I would have gotten these title opportunities, but I didn’t do that. I did not perform well. I was a bit aggressive. So yeah, take care of this fight and a great fight is there. I wouldn’t even object to a title shot. I’d be on a four-fight winning streak. “

What holland said

Likewise, Kevin He emphasized, “You’re not going to finish me off, Brunson. You are not that kind of fighter to finish me off. Your jiu-jitsu isn’t that fucking good, let’s face it. A devastating victory over Derek Brunson, it gives me great control and a lot of influence. Whatever comes next is next and I’ll take it. I don’t want to get in trouble for saying something stupid, but Jake Paul is fighting Ben Askren.

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