Facundo Campazzo wanted to overturn it and that’s how his Denver teammates reacted

Facundo Campazzo wanted to overturn it and that's how his Denver teammates reacted

This friday night, Facundo Campazzo had action again in the NBA. His team, Denver nuggets, received at the Pepsi Center Chicago Bulls. In the warm-up prior to the start of the game, it was lived a funny situation that involves the Argentine base.

The Cordovan is one of the shortest in stature of the whole team. With his 1.78, far it is from 2.18 of Bol Bol, for example. During precompetitive movements, Facu tried to overturn it, his companions imitated his movement, but he did not succeed. He was close and they all wailed with a cry in unison.

Facundo Campazzo: “If I listened to my ego, I couldn’t be here”

Within the framework of Latin Nights of the NBA, the Cordovan base spoke with the press about his adaptation to the role as a substitute that they ask him in Denver nuggets and he was very happy with his season and that of the team. “I knew it was not going to be easy, but I never felt frustrated or angry because I knew what was coming here. I knew it would happen to have more prominence in Real Madrid to come to Denver to try to win a secondary role, because I didn’t even have it insured. I knew that the adaptation was not going to be easy, that I was going to have to carry out a process, make mistakes, know … If I’ve learned anything so far, after several months, it’s that you never have to be satisfied, low, angry, or frustrated.. You have to be in the present, live the day to day and the moment to take advantage of it “, reflects in dialogue by Zoom with journalists from around the world. “If I listened to my ego, I couldn’t be here. The ego is the main obstacle to everything. I try to run it, not listen to it, live with it but control it. I try not to have ego in any decision I make in the game. From there, only good things can happen “, added.

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