Gastón Revol: “If you could organize a stage of the World Tour close to home, it would be incredible”

Gastón Revol: "If you could organize a stage of the World Tour close to home, it would be incredible"

The experienced Pumas 7’s player, Gastón Revol, spoke to the media at a virtual press conference and He touched on all the themes for the Tokyo Olympics that will take place from July 23 to August 8 and the national team already has its place assured. For the Cordovan the two tournaments in Spain that the team played were “very positive personally as well as collectively”.

“The team showed a very high level of focus and things turned out very well.. We got to try some new things from the attack that worked and I personally felt good after not competing for so long. It was a challenge to see how the body responded, “he said, adding that” the Olympic Games are our great goal but we are going game by game, tournament by tournament, and now I think about the next four training sessions. “

Looking ahead to what is coming, he mentioned that “the possibility of the tournament in Dubai is good to measure ourselves against different rivals. Some would join and we want to raise the bar regarding the level of the rivals”.

Regarding your partner Rodrigo Etchart, stated how he performed in the Madrid tournaments and assured that “he understood perfectly where the new attack proposal was coming from and with his physique and how unbalancing he is, the system is barbarous. He is trying to ask for balls up, attack the spaces and with the power he has when he manages to receive with spaces the difference he makes is tremendous.. He gives the rest of us a lot of confidence because you know you have guys so when in doubt you give him the ball and he will do something good ”.

We have a lot of dialogue with Santi (Gómez Cora) as sub-captain and with Santi Alvarez who is the captain. He asks us how we see the changes, what we think of one situation or another. It is a dialogue between team leaders and coach. It’s good because he knows from our voice what the team feels and we can transmit to the team from within. It is a necessary fluency ”, Revol defined his relationship with the team’s coach.

Regarding his wishes regarding the reduced game, he said that “I would love for Seven to continue growing in the world and in the region. If a stage of the World Tour could be organized close to home it would be incredible to give it much more diffusion and to allow all the people who like Sevens to have the possibility to see a live tournament ”.

I do what I like the most, I enjoy it And after so many years the number of tournaments and matches is striking, but I don’t pay attention to that. I care much more about being here, continuing to enjoy it and everything it means to be part of the team. If you do something that you like and you keep doing it, why are you going to quit? ”Said the 34-year-old.

The younger guys had an incredible adaptation. It helped them that most were in the YOGBA process, but especially Marcos Moneta and Rodrigo Isgro quickly understood the system and both contribute a lot to the team ”, he concluded.

Source: UAR Press

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