No fear: Sergio Pérez is ready for the duel against Max Verstappen

Sergio Pérez

There is a very famous phrase in the motor world, especially in motorsport, that says that the first rival of every driver is his teammate. Many decisions of team leaders are based on this thinking. In recent years, Max verstappen he saw himself completely alone, having no rival up to the challenge he presented. However, the arrival of Sergio perez it could change the whole picture.

In recent seasons, only Daniel Ricciardo was able to get a little closer to the figure of the Dutch driver. Then neither Pierre Gasly neither Alex albon they were close to Verstappen. Of these two, only the Thai could get podiums, although he did not achieve any victory. Sergio Pérez, on the other hand, had even duels, although for the most part he was able to win his status as the first driver, especially against Lance Stroll in Racing point, which had an irregular 2020.

Sergio Pérez faced with the most important challenge of his career: «I’m excited»

Your arrival at Red bull It could jeopardize Verstappen’s supremacy on the team. The talent of Pérez, who achieved his first victory in the Formula 1 at the end of last year, he can be crowned this season, driving one of the best cars on the grid (along with Mercedes). The Mexican spoke into the microphones of Formula 1 and made it clear that he is ready for battle.


“Since I came to Red Bull I knew that I was going to have to face a great challenge like Max. He is a very well rounded rider, and it doesn’t surprise me at all to work closely with him. I knew that he is a very strong pilot in all areas, and it will be a great challenge for me », assured ‘Checo’ to the podcast of the category, ‘Beyond the Grid’.

On the other hand, Pérez commented that despite the size of the duel, he is far from being afraid of defeat against Max. “I don’t see reasons why he should be worried about me, or why I should be worried about him. We are both on the team to do the best job possible. In the first three or four races I will know more than I do, but he is a very solid and very fast driver, “he added.

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