Time is running out: Pol Espargaró puts pressure on his Honda debut: “It’s my last chance”

Pol Espargaró

Next week will be the debut of Pol Espargaro with its new colors. The Spanish landed in the team Repsol Honda and will seek to have the great chance of his sports career. Next to Marc Márquez, Espargaró wants to show that he is one of the best drivers on the grid. In his words, time is running out, as this “is my last chance.”

The Spanish gave an interview to the journalist Nico Abad, in an interview via Twitch. There he told all the details of how the negotiation with the Japanese brand went and surprised everyone by giving an overview of the coming years in MotoGP, which according to him, will not be many more. Espargaró put himself under pressure before his Honda debut, and believes the opportunity to fight the title is unique.

Pol Espargaró once again warns his competitors: “I want to be World Champion”

Arrival at Honda

Espargaró commented that he was ‘6 hours’ away from not signing with Honda, since in case the negotiations were delayed, he had to return to the tests with KTM. “Due to a contractual issue, I was hours away from not being able to sign with Honda. Many people tell me that I came to Honda for money. I am telling you no. I have lost a lot of money coming to Honda, “said the Spaniard.


On the other hand, Espargaró knows that arriving at Honda means being in the most successful team in the history of the category, so he will have to show his talent. “We started with a little pressure. The riders who have been on my site have not done very well. Everyone compares him to the animal next to me (Marc Márquez). The pressure is high. I want to prove myself and put myself to the limit, “he added.

Finally, he pointed out that this year (or next), they will be essential to fulfill his objective of winning the title. «This is the last chance I have to be World Champion. If I don’t get it here, I won’t get it with other colors. My time is running out. I have four years left in good physical and mental shape, it is before these four years where I must try to achieve my dreams, “said ‘Polyccio’.

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