Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba vs. River Plate – Game Report – March 20, 2021

Godoy Cruz Antonio Tomba vs.  River Plate - Game Report - March 20, 2021

(ESPN.com) – River returned to victory: with a historic win that began to take shape in the first minutes of the game, the millionaire defeated Godoy Cruz de Mendoza 6 to 1, to settle much better in the Cup position table Professional League.

Thus, Marcelo Gallardo’s team adds 10 points, and ranks fifth in the Zone 1 table, five behind Colón.

It could be said that the millionaire started it by winning from the locker room. After five minutes of play, Paulo Díaz advanced with the ball, combined with Palavecino, who enabled Suárez very well so that the former Belgrano left only Borré under the goal and put the 1-0.

It is known that if something should not be left to River, it is the spaces. If he can think, press and play in attack almost unopposed, he is a very dangerous opponent. And that, precisely, the Tomba did.

At 14 minutes, this time on the right, taking advantage of the rival who ran but did not score, Julián Alvarez enabled Suárez for the Cordoba, also under the goal, to make the second goal.

Godoy Cruz did not react: he did not anticipate, he did not cut the rival’s game and he defended himself badly, although DT Sebastián Méndez had stopped two lines of four. There was the smell of a thrashing. The third was yet to come. And he arrived at 18 with another goal from Borré, again almost without a mark.

At 22 minutes it was Julián Alvarez’s turn for the 4-0, and at 35, with an unarmed opponent and no reaction, it was 5-0 again with Borré.

It was a true display of River, which recently beat Racing 5-0 in the final of the Argentine Super Cup. A River that has ups and downs, with parties where it is difficult for him to find the associations that Gallardo asks for, and with other performances that are very forceful, such as that of the Mendoza night.

This time Gallardo opted for Julián Alvarez from the start instead of Carrascal. And he ratified Palavecino as the owner, who already seems immovable. The former Deportivo Cali is the millionaire’s best addition this semester, as he brings clarity in the game, precise passes and arrival at the rival goal.

River’s defense suffered variations due to the absence of Angileri due to the death of his father and the expulsion of Casco. Vigo entered on the right and David Martínez on the left.

But the changes were not noticed, because the local almost did not attack. And the facilities he gave in the midfield were decisive. Enzo Pérez, Palavecino, De la Cruz and Julián Alvarez, with great performances, moved at ease around that sector of the playing field.

The second half was more. The Tomba left with the intention of not increasing the role. But River kept putting and pressing as if the match was 0-0. And so, two minutes into the game, Borré scored the sixth goal again. Four goals from the Colombian in an unforgettable night.

At 31 minutes, Tomba’s consolation came after a good combination in attack and a great shot from Burgoa that put things 6 to 1.

River thrashed 6 to 1 and was able to score several more goals, in a province that suits him very well. He added his 13th victory in these lands consecutively, by the hand of Gallardo.

The 6 to 1 is an antecedent that puts fear for River’s next rival. Who is it about? None other than Racing, which was thrashed by Gallardo’s 5-0 for the Argentine Super Cup. An interesting classic is coming at the Monumental.

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