He finished them off! Junior dos Santos exploded against the UFC because of the way they released him

He finished them off!  Junior dos Santos exploded against the UFC because of the way they released him

The veteran MMA fighter, Junior dos Santos, made clear his anger with UFC for his unexpected departure. The Brazilian was released from the world’s leading Mixed Martial Arts company, which upset him too much. Therefore, in these hours, he made harsh statements against Dana White and his company, which quickly went viral on social networks. Now, he’s a free agent.

Being so, two saints He began by saying, “I reacted with surprise, and was a bit impressed by the coldness of the way they handled the case. I know it’s a business, but they just don’t care. The story we did there and everything else, the dedication and how everything has always played out, was totally ignored. It was nothing like that, actually. The UFC he didn’t even speak to me. For example, UFC president Dana White, I haven’t spoken to him in years. “

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«They did not ask anything nor do they know anything. They didn’t even speak to me. UFC He texted Dan Lambert of the American Top Team, and I realized that his decision was to release me from my contract. I was in Brazil and returned to Florida six weeks before the December 6, date of the fight with Gane, and they told me the same thing: ‘We need you to fight on December 6.’ I said, ‘I want the fight, but let’s do it in January, give me time to train and prepare for the fight. They denied it, “he said.

Did not tolerate the decision

What’s more, Junior He also said, “They said no, ‘We need you to fight on December 6th.’ “If he can’t, since he’s coming off three defeats, we’ll release him.” I said, ‘So you’re not asking me, you’re telling me. You’re telling me I’ll fight on December 6. ‘ This is how I took that fight with Gane. I didn’t have much of a choice, I was really under pressure and now they wanted to do it again. Worse still, in less time, and I was coming out of concussions both times, and they didn’t even care, they wanted me to fight.

Total indifference. You are no longer important to them or… to me, that’s the intention, to force these fights without proper preparation and especially after a concussion. It’s clear to me that his intention was to use me as a stepping stone to build other guys. When we are tied to UFCWe don’t have the idea of ​​the outside world and things have changed in recent years. We are listening to various offers. I am 37 years old and I can say that I am in the best shape of my career », he closed Junior dos Santos.

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