Lewis Hamilton increasingly committed against Racial Discrimination: “We can continue with them”

Lewis Hamilton

Lewis hamilton is the visible face of the Formula 1. The Briton achieved seven World titles, entering the history books of the category. This is why he is the most famous character in the paddock, reaching millions and millions of people. Thanks to that, his work against racial discrimination reached very high levels, something that he does not want to stop happening: «We can continue with them«, He assured.

The Briton spoke before the microphones of the medium ‘Motorsport.com’ and made it clear that the plans for the 2021 season (in addition to the results on the track) will be focused on continuing the fight against racism and social inequality. Formula 1 confirmed a few weeks ago that the work done in 2020 will continue in the same way.

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Hamilton confirmed that he had meetings with the category president, Stefano Domenicali, and that he drew good conclusions from the talks. “Stefano has taken the time to sit down with all of us and be open about having that talk about how we can work together to improve the sport,” said Hamilton.

“There really wasn’t much discussion about the pre-race event. They explained their plans to us and we can continue with them. Not that you have to do everything there on the spot, but they are making some changes, which I think are positive, “said the seven-time champion. Hamilton was one of those who received the most criticism due to his social struggle, within the tracks.


Finally, the pilot of Mercedes commented that he hopes to have more activity of this type in the Grand Prix this season. “Last year there were many slogans, but it is necessary to take action this year. That was something we were told about and expressed to us. It’s really what we have to make sure of. We have to ensure that action is taken as we continue to push for inclusion, ”he concluded.

Source: Formula1.com

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