“Pacquiao’s punches felt dry; they were rare ”: Lucas Matthysse agrees with Thurman’s statements

Los golpes de Pacquiao se sentían secos; eran raros: Lucas Matthysse coincide con declaraciones de Thurman

Lucas Matthysse matches recent statements by Keith thurman that the hit of Manny pacquiao it felt weird when confronted with him.

Thurman said the fists of Pacquiao they felt like concrete, and they did not regulate any form of doping testing.

Matthysse talked with Nico Jaime of World Boxing on the declarations of Thurman, and the Argentine agrees.

“For me it was still strange,” he said Matthysse at the interview. “I felt dry blows, bang, and my legs were slack, I was going alone. It’s something I’ve never felt, because I’ve never been knocked out, lost. But the blows, or they were very fair (the gloves), or I don’t know, but they did feel strange ”.

In the fight, held on July 15, 2018, Pacquiao achieved three takedowns over Matthysse, and in the last of them, in the seventh round, the referee stopped the count to decree the knockout.

“That hand that put me in the trunk, the last one, I stayed there, I had a thought, and they stopped it,” he said. Matthysse. “But I was never felt, that’s what always caught my attention, which was a hard blow.”

Other hints of Thurman They go in the sense that there was no doping control on the fighters. Matthysse He explains that in his case they did when he fought with the Filipino in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, although the Argentine believes that the testing was not very rigorous.

“When I went to fight there, they did the doping in front of the hotel, we crossed over there,” he said. Matthysse. “It was bullshit, they made me piss as if to say they did doping. But equal to Pacquiao I never saw him doing the doping. Anabolics, yes, there you can use, but that does not increase the punch, I say, but where we fought we did nothing, they did a doping just like that ”.

Matthysse He insists that the punch was strange, dry, hurt without knocking out.

“I was never a knockout,” he explains. Matthysse. “But the blow he was hitting me was dry, and like I was going alone. I didn’t understand what the hell he had, but yes, he broke all of them. “

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