Sensitive images! Fighter fainted twice at UFC Vegas 22 weigh-in and video is viral

Sensitive images!  Fighter fainted twice at UFC Vegas 22 weigh-in and video is viral

At the weighing of the UFC Vegas 22, a fighter was in very bad shape and Fainting twice on stage. Is about Julia Stoliarenko, who this Saturday would enter the Nevada Apex to give a new presentation in MMA. In these hours, his presence is not confirmed, after losing consciousness twice before what will be the main event of the weekend.

Undoubtedly, in Las Vegas one of the most sensitive images was experienced prior to an event of UFC. There, the aforementioned got on the scale, tried to weigh herself and the first fainting occurred. It was a while to be able to rejoin, so then he went back up to make effective the 135.5 pounds. That being the case, she immediately became unbalanced again, so they definitely had to remove her on a stretcher.

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His words

After the images that went viral, Stoliarenko He expressed the following in this regard: “The problem was not my weight loss. In fact, it was one of the easiest weight cuts of my career. The weight was falling too fast. I think the main problem was that I gained weight too soon. Basically, the weight starts at 9 am And I was already in weight at 5 am ».

«It was too long in weight. As everyone knows, when you lose weight, you cannot maintain this weight for long because you are already on the verge of dehydration. That was a problem for which everything happened, “acknowledged the fighter, making it clear what was the reason for her double fainting. Thus, in the video you can see how they then gave him water and took a long time to hydrate.

On the other hand, he was unhappy with the decision made, since he will not finally be able to fight. I’m so upset that right now I feel so good. I feel ready to fight. My body feels great. I am still in good shape. I know I can fight. It just happened that the athletic commission did not authorize me for a fight because we are dealing with the wrestlers. That situation looked terrible “, dictated Julia Stoliarenko.

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