This was the second test of Marc Márquez: when does he confirm his return?

Marc Márquez

This Friday Marc Márquez He surprised everyone again with a private test at the Algarve circuit, Portugal. The Spaniard already did the same last week at the Barcelona track, to get on a Sling, although he did not do it with the one that will compete in the season 2021 of MotoGPHowever, the key word is still missing to make their return official.

The tests that Marc Márquez did this Friday can have two readings. The first of them is that the Spaniard will run the first test of the calendar, in the Qatar circuit, which will also receive the second date. However, another analysis is a bit more pessimistic as to the possible date to return to the official competition of the World Cup.

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Many specialists assure that Márquez will only return to the circuit in a month, on April 18. The estimated date corresponds to the Portuguese Grand Prix, and because of that, Márquez chose the Algarve circuit to give his second day of testing, after eight years of inactivity. In addition, it should be noted that Márquez runs at a disadvantage, since he could not turn in the Qatar preseason.

The Algarve circuit never saw Márquez’s presence in MotoGP. This could give a clue as to what Marc has in mind: to return directly on the third date and fight for the victory quickly. On the contrary, the choice of the route could be for physical reasons, since Portugal is one of the most demanding on a physical level for the drivers.


Many fans wondered on social media which motorcycle Márquez used in these tests. Marc climbed on the back of a RC213V-S (road bike). The difference with a MotoGP bike lies mainly in the power of the engine. The one Marc used has 215 horsepower, as opposed to the one used by the World Cup, which has approximately 300 horsepower.

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