War tank! Artur Beterbiev knocked out Adam Deines, extending his knockout streak to 16 in a row

Artur Beterbiev noqueó a Adam Deines, y alargó a 16 su racha de nocauts seguidos

Artur Beterbiev demolished a brave Adam deines even forcing his corner to raise the towel in the 10th round this Saturday in Moscow, Russia. He thus retained his world championship belts from the CMB and the FIB in light heavyweight.

As its nickname says, Beterbiev was the “Beast from the East”, and did a demolition task in front of a Adam deines that gave more fight than expected. The challenger was brave, dropped his hands, managed to hit the champion solidly, but was simply outmatched by the Russian, who is better than Deines in every aspect of boxing.

Beterbiev managed to bring down Deines twice. The first one, in the same first round, when in a short exchange, Beterbiev with a left hand he reached for the head of the German who went to the canvas.

At the time, it seemed like a fight destined to end soon, but Beterbiev I did not count on what Deines He would be a fighter who sought to fight, and who would not give up so easily.

The Russian showed that he has both heavy hands. Take the shots with authority, power, and always well planted on the canvas. In particular, the uppers were the punches that entered precisely on Deines. Also the beating of the body by Beterbiev, which although it was not so striking, was diminishing Deines.

The German had his best flashes of the fight, at the start of the exchanges. Beterbiev overwhelmed him with long combinations, but at the start was when Deines he let go of his hands and connected the Russian.

Deines he got good hands, solid and hard on the champion. But Beterbiev He proved he has a respectable jaw and never showed that those solid blows were doing him any harm. Impassive, Beterbiev it continued as if nothing.

Adam deines It was blurring as the fight progressed. For the 10th round, Beterbiev it seemed whole, and Deines already very depleted, but combative.

It was precisely in that round where the denouement arrived. Beterbiev knocked down again Deines, much like he had done in the first round. In an exchange, the Russian managed to put a left hand on Deines, and the German fell slowly to the canvas.

He stood up, but at that moment, his own corner raised the towel in surrender. The referee complied with the signal, and Beterbiev he was declared the winner.

Artur Beterbiev He had not fought since October 2019. The fight with Deines was postponed twice, first because of an injury suffered by the Russian in the ribs, and then, when Beterbiev tested positive for Covid-19 last December.

But, but 17 months later, and recovered from Covid-19, Artur Beterbiev extended his streak of consecutive knockouts to 16. And he is the only reigning champion to have won all of his fights by knockout, already setting a record of 16 wins, no losses, and 16 knockouts.

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