Did he spit it out? Cheyanne Buys’ viral anger against Montserrat Ruiz at UFC Vegas 22

Did he spit it out?  Cheyanne Buys' viral anger against Montserrat Ruiz at UFC Vegas 22

After being defeated by Montserrat Ruiz, Cheyanne buys he couldn’t stand an apparent gesture from his rival and exploded. Everything was captured by the cameras, after the closing of the third and last assault. There, the American shoved her opponent in the face, which caused the Mexican to laugh and a sign of insult with her hand. The referee had to intervene, since it could have happened to majors.

In the previous one, Cheyanne He began by explaining the following about the special night: “This is not the first time we have fought on the same night. We have made LFA history as the first married couple to fight and win on the same night. So it’s about coming here and making a legacy and representing our last name. We won’t be here for long, but a good time.

Devastating! Dominant victory of Mexican Monserrat Ruiz at UFC Vegas 22

These words were addressed to the press, taking into account that, on the same evening, her husband was also going to fight. JP Buys was unlucky and was knocked out in the first fight of the night, which perhaps was also a reason to enrage the American. In that sense, what was a dream ended up being a very negative night for both of them, which clearly did not go down well with her.

“To all my friends and family, I just want to say that I am sorry to lose my cool after the fight. Never in my life has an opponent spat on me that I gave nothing but respect. I will live to fight another day. Thank you all for all the support. I’ll be right back », he posted on his networks. It is not the first time that something like this has happened to him, since, in his fight at the Dana White Contender Series, he insulted his rival in the cage.

The viral response

After her posting, a user replied: “She didn’t spit on you, she stopped acting innocent, so let me clarify this; You can act tough and taunt an opponent in DWCS but you cannot tolerate being dominated for 2 rounds in a row, and because of this it gives you the right to act tough and shove your opponent’s face after the fight without accepting your defeat as a true professional ? Learn to lose ».

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