Durísimo: Nico Rosberg warns that Lewis Hamilton could lose this year

Lewis Hamilton

Nico Rosberg he was the only pilot who could beat Lewis hamilton in the years of the famous ‘Hybrid Era’. Together with Mercedes they dominated all the championships of the Formula 1 since 2014, and the Briton only lost the title in 2016. The German battled hard to achieve the dream of being a World Champion. The battle was so tough that after being champion, he retired from sports.

Rosberg is currently a commentator for the category on a television network, and spoke after the results of the preseason tests in which the team Mercedes He did not prove himself up to the consequences. Several reliability problems and many mistakes, caused Mercedes to be one of the surprises of the tests, although this is not in a positive way.

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An expert in the field, Rosberg warns Formula 1 fans that this season will be very difficult for the seven-time champion. According to his words, Max verstappen it has more than concrete chances of keeping the title. Rosberg builds on the strong pace Red Bull achieved at the Bahrain circuit, clinching the best times from last week’s sessions.

“If I had to risk my money, I would continue to bet on Lewis because no one can imagine that he actually beats him throughout an entire season. Therefore, my money would still go to Lewis. But what is evident is that Max has been closer than ever in a preseason in terms of probabilities of beating Hamilton in the championship, “the former driver told the network. Sky Sports.

Should the feat be accomplished, Verstappen would be the second driver in eight years to win the title from Lewis Hamilton. Rosberg himself won the crown on the last date of the 2016 calendar, in which he was able to achieve a great advantage over his then partner. The mental exhaustion that caused him to fight with Hamilton, made Rosberg withdraw from Formula 1.

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