Mick Schumacher’s exciting request to Formula 1

Mick Schumacher

Mick schumacher he got what he wanted so much. The German will debut next week as the official pilot of the Formula 1, with the team Haas. Despite the fact that the performance of the car does not affect it, the son of Michael Schumacher You will need to show that you are up to the challenge. For that, he asked the category organization to make a very exciting change for the fans.

Michael Schumacher came to Formula 1 in 1991. There, the then driver of Jordan, had its abbreviation for television broadcasts. The abbreviation that identified it in the times table was the SCH, the first three letters of your last name. However, in 1997 everything changed for the Schumacher family with the arrival of his brother Ralf.

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Ralf Schumacher He arrived in Formula 1 that season with the Jordan team. There he managed to impose his name and separate him from the figure of his brother. However, the last name matches, and the time table was confusing for viewers. There, the International Automobile Federation (FIA) made the decision to let Michael have the abbreviation MSC, and his brother Ralf the abbreviation CSR.

Mick schumacher

Mick Schumacher also wanted to have his abbreviation. This is why, fortunately for those nostalgic for Formula 1, the son of the seven-time champion chose the historical abbreviation of his father. In his words, this is due to the strong emotional bond that unites him. In addition, he assured that he will proudly carry the Schumacher surname in the category.

I wanted that MSC. It is an emotional bond that I have with him. I think it’s quite nice for everyone to watch the timing screens and see MSC again on the screens as well. I think it is a positive thing. I am very happy to carry that last name, and I am very happy to carry the name again. It’s like a boost for me and it motivates me every day, ”he commented.

Source: Official Haas Twitter

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