The best of all time: Ayrton Senna would turn 61

Ayrton Senna

A special figure, with a unique aura. Figure of Ayrton senna break through the walls of world motorsport. The idol of the Formula 1 marked a before and after with his arrival at the top flight. Based on victories, epic races in the rain and a tragic ending, the Brazilian remained in the hearts of everyone in the world. This Sunday I would have fulfilled 61 years.

A family very fond of motorsports made little Ayrton get into a kart at the age of six, never to get off. At one time, the idol said that when he ran in the juniors of this specialty, he felt much better than in his Formula 1 moments. Since there you could see the essence of racing, where politics did not get into the competition.

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“I am not designed to be second or third, I am designed to win,” says one of his most famous phrases. That was Ayrton. A different driver, who just made his debut in the poor Toleman team, was noticed. One only needs to remember the famous Monaco Grand Prix race, where an infamous red flag stole the victory, giving it to his eternal rival, Alain Prost.

Many fans turned on the TV and watched the races to see their idols. However, seeing that a race was taking place in the rain, they decided to turn off the transmission. They knew that under those conditions, Senna had no rivals. Especially when it came to the team McLaren. Together with Honda they achieved one of the most important partnerships in the history of Formula 1.

Three titles mark Ayrton Senna’s history in Formula 1. His tragic death at the 1994 Imola Grand Prix He left the feeling that the Brazilian could have won many more titles. However, the end of the story was not that. Senna lives on in the hearts of motorsport lovers, who keep alive the flame of the star who revolutionized the sport.

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