The dramatic story of a former Formula 1 who believed he was going to die from coronavirus: “I made a will”

Tarso Marques

The pandemic of coronavirus it continues to affect the main countries of the world. The virus began to register new strains and everything seems to be moving away from normal. Many families lost loved ones due to the consequences of this disease. One of those who suffered the most was the Brazilian Tarsus Marques, former pilot of Formula 1, who assured that he was going to die after being infected: “I made a will,” he confessed.

Tarso Marques competed in the top flight for 24 Grands Prix and three seasons (1996, 1997 and 2001). All of them he did together with the team Minardi, which saw figures such as Fernando Alonso. Marques came to share the box with Alonso in 2001. During his time in Formula 1, he did not reap good results, with ninth place being the best position in a race.


After several years away from the centrality of the sport in the media, Marques made the news again in the last hours after commenting on the bad drink he had to go through because he was infected with coronavirus. «I thought nothing was going to happen to me. What really mattered to me were my parents, “the 45-year-old Brazilian told the magazine Faces.

On the other hand, he added that although he has already been discharged, he is still suffering the consequences of the virus. «I ate well, I was physically active, I was always very healthy. Two hours after the diagnosis I was short of breath. One more hour and he couldn’t breathe anymore. Now, speaking in this interview, I still have only 30% of my lung capacity, “he confessed.

However, the statements of Tarso Marques did not stop there. The Brazilian told the crudest part of the suffering, when the virus attacked him harshly in his state of health. “I thought I was going to die. I even made a will. I stayed like that for two more days. When I began to improve, at night I feared that the improvement was a false alarm, “concluded, now recovered, Marques.

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