Valentino Rossi already plans his life off the slopes: «I found the ideal person»

Valentino Rossi.

Valentino rossi arrives at the age of 42 for the 2021 season of MotoGP. The Italian faces the possibility of retiring from the activity at the end of the year and that is why in the last hours he already began to plan the horizon in his personal life. Together with your partner, Francesca Novello, he tends to be very in love, an unknown facet to the young rebel who arrived in 1996. “I found the right person,” he said.

That rebellion seems to have been left behind. The maturity of Valentino can already be seen in his personal facet and this was confirmed in an interview collected by the medium. There the Italian spoke about his experience with the coronavirus, the possibility of having children with his partner and even what he hopes for the 2021 MotoGP season.

The bad moment that Valentino Rossi had to go through: “It was a great loss”


Rossi said he had a very hard time catching the coronavirus and missing three races. The isolation produced a strong malaise in ‘Il Dottore’. «You feel alone, isolated, you have a lot to think about. I’ve never been really bad, I was breathing good. I followed all the required directions and precautions. It was isolated but it was tough. For me, life is a party every day and I like to be with people. It was difficult ”he assures.

Personal life

On the other hand, Valentino assured that he is going through a great emotional and personal moment off the slopes. The Italian already began to think about him after professional activity. I would like to have a child or maybe two. I think I have found the right girl compared to the past. It would really be worth it, ”said the pilot of Petronas.

Marc Márquez and 2021

Finally, Rossi spoke about how it would affect the return of Marc Márquez to the tracks. He also made a shocking statement about the other competitors. His return doesn’t change anything for me. In my opinion we will see it from the first race. Soon it will be stronger than before. But in his absence, the boys have grown a lot and no longer have any means, “he said.

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