Boca Juniors vs. Talleres (Córdoba) – Match Report – March 21, 2021

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Boca Juniors vs.  Workshops (Córdoba) - Party Report - March 21, 2021

When a team plays badly, it usually loses. And that happened to Boca. The xeneize lost undefeated and the chance to place second, three points behind the leader Vélez in Zone 2 of the Professional League Cup, after falling 2 to 1 in La Bombonera against Talleres.

The whole of La Ribera continues with 9 points, and is today out of the first four that will go on to the next phase of the contest.

It is true that there are still many dates for the end of the Professional League Cup, but the worrying thing is undoubtedly the weak performance of the team.

The xeneize had started the tournament badly, but had been showing signs of improvement, after the 7 to 1 against Vélez and the 1 to 1 draw against River.

However, before Talleres the team backed down and left many doubts again. Too many. The T played better, he surpassed him in almost the entire match and at the end he took a fair prize from La Bombonera, where he had already beaten him at the end of 2020 for the Maradona Cup. Remarkably, at home, Boca has not won since last December 27.

Alexander Medina’s men came out to play as equals. Pressing, with a short team and without leaving space for the flyers and especially at the speed of Sebastián Villa, the Cordobans neutralized Russo’s men very well.

At 12 minutes, Andrada went wrong and gave the ball to Federico Navarro. The midfielder enabled Valoyes, one of the party’s figures, who sent a cross that Retegui connected, but Andrada deflected. The ball hit the post and the rebound was left for Auzqui to score 1-0.

Boca wanted to react, but could not. The midfield xeneize could never own the ball, because the T defended well and closed all the spaces. The local depended on some balls for the speed of Villa, or some good play from Tevez, two of the most active in Russo’s team.

But in general they finished ahead, due to the good work and the pressure of the visiting defense.

In the complement came Almendra, who returned to play after a long stop, and Campuzano, and Soldano and Buffarini entered. The DT tried to put an area reference with Soldano (Wanchope Abila, already recovered, still without playing) and add Capaldo to the midfield to recover the ball.

But little changed. Boca could not find the course and it seemed that Talleres was closer to each other. The Uruguayan Michael Santos had it twice, at 28 and 29 minutes: in the first Fabra took the ball from him when it was about to be defined, and in the second he finished off very close to Andrada’s far post.

In Boca there were already Rojo (he entered for Izquierdoz) and Zárate (who did it for Maroni). And it was through luck and a center from former Vélez that Boca reached the unexpected draw, after a header against the Uruguayan Santos.

It was 37 minutes, but it seemed that the match was not over. Boca, disorderly and without ideas, kept looking and was ultimately disarmed. Andrada twice covered the goal of the T, until 48 minutes Valoyes took advantage of the confusion of the xeneize background and put the final 2 to 1.

The game, more than the result, exposed the shortcomings of an aimless Boca. That he does not know what he is playing. That it has no identity, and that it depends on names and not on an idea or collective operation.

The nerves of an aimless team were seen in the first half, when Izquierdoz shouted at Fabra for a game action (the Colombian had a bad time with Valoyes) and the side hit him back with a slap to the face.

Today Boca is outside the Top 4 that classifies the teams to the quarterfinals, but that is what worries the least. The performance of the team and the lack of answers from the coach will be issues to be resolved, thinking about defending the two-time championship and above all, about facing the upcoming Copa Libertadores in the best way.

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