Djokovic’s father: “Nole is the best of all time”

Djokovic's father: "Nole is the best of all time"

Whenever he speaks, Srdjan Djokovic leaves his mark. Novak’s father, this time, left titles to remember … and that will give controversy.

“I think that question is wrong, it is already the best of all time,” he said when asked, from the Serbian media Sportske Novosti if he is on the way to be the best. “For the number of weeks he spent at number one, for the number of Masters 1000 titles, he is only missing the Olympic gold and the two Grand Slam that he will win this year.”

And he argued: “He will not leave tennis yet, his career will last another year and a half or two, up to three at the most, when all possible records are in his possession. He is still the best tennis player in the world and one of the best athletes of all. The times. An English journalist recently stated last week that his rivals are no longer Federer and Nadal, but that he is being compared to Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan. He is that category, he is one of the best athletes of all time. He’s not just the best tennis player of all time. “

“He is the best and everything in world tennis depends on him. He can lose, but not because his opponent surpasses him, but because he allowed his opponent to win him,” he continued. “I have been optimistic and always am in life, but he made all my dreams come true when it comes to his tennis career four or five years ago. Everything he does is still amazing. Y not only for Serbia, but also for the whole people, for the former Yugoslavia“.

And off the court? “They came to resent Novak for fighting for those from 50th and up, who are barely surviving and barely making ends meet. He fought for them without the help of Nadal and Federer. That’s Novak. Throughout his career, he demonstrated with his attitude that he is above all a good man, a good boy. Who if not Novak, when he loses, hugs the opponent and says bravo! Others rarely do. And how many times did you receive the ATP’s annual fair play award? Not one time! And how many did Federer get? Well, at least 15, which is terrible. “.

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