Maddened! The UFC star who admires what Jake Paul is doing in boxing

Maddened!  The UFC star who admires what Jake Paul is doing in boxing

The 23-year-old youtuber and boxer, Jake paul, won a new fan, coming from UFC. Is about Frank Mir, legendary mixed martial artist from the company that Dana White runs. In these hours, the now boxer and coach spoke with the press and made it clear that he admires the work that the young influencer is doing. Being that way, he further encouraged the criticized fighter.

Starting with his sayings, Mir He said, “The crazy part is, Jake paul, that I have nothing against him. I know a lot of people don’t like him since he’s a YouTube star walking into the box, but look, he attracts attention, so that’s what validates that he’s in that ring. And he takes it seriously. It’s not that this guy isn’t training. If I was partying and drinking and treating this as a joke and basically making a masquerade of what I love. “

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“Combat sports, then I would absolutely be pitchfork and flames and shoulder to shoulder with everyone else. But the kid trains, he’s focused, and he’s trying to be a boxer. So I have nothing but love for it. That’s what I want everyone to do. I want everyone to be able to enjoy martial arts and train at different levels, whether competing or not. I think it makes everyone a better human being, “he said.

Filled him with praise

Likewise, Frank She recounted: “The boy is in shape, he is trying to improve his skill level, there is a reason why some people are concerned about Askren because this boy is really trying. The fact that his avenue was that he was a YouTube star, well hey man, so much more power to him that he found a way to be popular and make money. I think a lot of people just hate it because they wish they had done that. “

«If you are fans of Jake paul and they are watching him go out, who does not need the money, he is ready for life, go out and risk and dedicate himself to something that is difficult. Like combat sports, I think it will inspire many of the younger generations. How is that a bad thing? So are you going to have a ton of kids signing up for boxing, wrestling, and MMA gyms? Hey, that’s a victory, “he closed Frank Mir.

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