Murray: “I know they’ll think I’m delusional, but I have a chance to win Wimbledon”

Murray: "I know they'll think I'm delusional, but I have a chance to win Wimbledon"

After seeing retirement very close, at 33 years old and now four children, he still daydreams. Former world No. 1 Andy Murray, today 119th ATP, said he has faith to win another title at Wimbledon, where in 2013 he cut a historic streak of the British at La Catedral by conquering the first of his two successes on the traditional London lawn.

Speaking in an interview for Amazon Prime Video, the Scotsman, with a metal hip, no longer has anything to prove, but his great love for tennis still excites him a lot.

“I know that I am still capable of playing at the highest level. I was excited to play the Australian Open because I felt that I was ready to go far, I was visualizing my options to do something important and that had not crossed my mind at all. 2019, “Murray said.

“It may be too ambitious to think about winning a Grand Slam, but I feel that in a few months I could be in a position to do so if I stay healthy and gain competitive pace. I want to be at Wimbledon and feel like I have a chance to be champion again. I need to a few months of good training, winning matches in top-level tournaments and good health, “added the Scotsman.

The 2013 and 2016 Wimbledon champion was very clear: “I know some will think I’m delusional, but I have a chance to win Wimbledon again.”

“The support of my wife, Kim, was key to continue playing, I continue to be excited and hopefully my children can soon see me live in a tournament,” said the owner of three Grand Slam titles and 46 official singles titles, a few days before being a dad for the fourth time.

And he referred to the return of Roger Federer. “Right now we are in a different phase and our injuries were very different. I was happy to return to compete, I was not going with any aspirations, but I fully understand that he only wants to play when he is truly capable of winning.”

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