Bernie Ecclestone’s controversial phrase about racism: “They’re making a lot of money”

Bernie Ecclestone

Bernie ecclestone is not the most beloved character of the Formula 1. Controversy is something that attracts him and he was always in it. This time, Ecclestone was against the events leading up to the Grands Prix, in which a campaign against the racism. The former boss of Formula 1 pointed to Lewis hamilton, and assured that they are using it since: «They are making a lot of money«.

It is not the first time that Ecclestone is against the demands of social and racial equality in Formula 1. This time, the former president of the category went a little further and highlighted that they are using the figure of Lewis Hamilton for this movement, since the British is the most visible face of the sport.

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Its measures

Bernie Ecclestone commented on the measures he would have taken if he had not abandoned Formula 1. “There would have been no one in anti-racist jerseys on the podium, that’s one hundred percent certain. There would have been no such thing as kneeling before races. I agree that sport should do more, but it should not be used as a political tool.

Lewis hamilton

On the other hand, Ecclestone recalled his ‘achievements’ in terms of racial equality in the category. ‘I don’t think Lewis really understood what he was saying. I agree that we must give more people a chance. Don’t forget that I was the first person to put a black man in a Formula 1 car. He also said that Hamilton is being used by these campaigns.

«I supported a lot of black people. And it is clear that Lewis has the right to give his opinion. I told your father to be careful. Because it is being used by the people who support this’Black Lives Matter‘and they’re getting a lot of money out of it,’ Bernie Ecclestone, who left the category at the end of 2017, concluded.

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