Gervonta Davis charged with 14 counts after crashing his Lamborghini in November and fleeing the scene

Gervonta Davis acusado de 14 cargos tras chocar su Lamborghini en noviembre y huir del lugar

The Baltimore City State Attorney charged the fighter Gervonta davis of 14 charges this Monday, after a road accident in his Lamborghini from which the fighter allegedly would have escaped.

The incident occurred in the early hours of November 5 and left four people injured. According to the police report, Gervonta He was driving a 2020 Lamborghini Uris when he ignored a red light at about 1:47 a.m. While running the traffic light, he struck the front passenger side of a 2004 Toyota Solara that had a green light. Video from a security camera at a convenience store captured the incident.

After the crash, witnesses and video record that a black Camaro arrived at the scene, and its occupants began to transfer objects from the Lamborghini to the Camaro. Finally, the driver of the Lamborghini and a passenger got into the Camaro and drove off. Witnesses at the scene identified the driver of the Lamborghini as Gervonta davis.

Among the 14 charges that the prosecutor has filed against the fighter there are penalties for not returning to the scene of the incident and staying there. Another charge for failing to assist injured persons. For not showing and surrendering your license. Also for not reporting the incident to the police, and for not reporting the damage to someone else’s property. For not delivering documentation of the car that he left abandoned, driving with a suspended and revoked license, running a red light.

A trial will then begin, in which Gervonta davis He must appear, give his version of the facts, make his declaration of guilt or innocence, and remain at the discretion of a judge. The maximum penalty, if convicted by the judge, is 7 years and 55 days in prison.

The crash occurred just five days after Gervonta davis brutally knock out Leo Santa Cruz in San Antonio, Texas.

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