Get scared! Max Griffin goes for everything in the UFC and secures big knockouts

Get scared!  Max Griffin goes for everything in the UFC and secures big knockouts

Max griffin, excellent fighter of UFC, gave a great image again on Saturday and wants more in no time. He himself has a record of 17-8 MMA, 5-6 UFC, so he seeks to change those numbers and leave them mostly in his favor. In that sense, he spoke with the press a few hours ago and analyzed his last fight. Similarly, he looked to the future, leaving a message for his rivals.

Being so, Griffin He began by saying the following about it: “I saw his fights and he doesn’t like the pressure. Alex Morono was able to back him up with pressure. You only do well when you push people back. So I pressed him. He has a big right hand, but I have a better right hand. I have a longer right hand. If he wants to participate, I have a 5-inch reach on him. I was going to make him pay.

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“I hit him with that right and I saw him stagger, then I hit him. When I got the call that it was going to be the main co-event, I started crying. This New Years, I had a conversation with my team and we said that I was going to have a co-main event and then take it on. God made it happen. We train hard for that, we are happy for what we achieved, ”he also emphasized.

For its part, Max he dictated, “To be on ESPN, then get cast as a co-star and knock him out like that? There is nothing better than this. I want a main event this year. I want to be classified this year. When I’m happy and smiling, I waste guys. I am unpleasant. The real me is having fun and joking around, but focused. I have to flow. That’s what came out tonight.

His previous sayings

To close, Max griffin He told what it is like to enter the cage for him, detailing the sensations and emotions that this gives him fight after fight. “I go in there like, ‘It’s war, it’s war,’ and then you get stiff and tense, and then you have to relax and throw. So I’m really focusing on being laid back and smooth like James Brown. You’re going to see a butcher shop come here. Nobody can with me and everyone will go like this boy, “he summed up.

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